Birds: Do not fight with those who have paint barrels


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Daemon floated around the elders painting the pheonix statue nice for the festival. This had to be done as rain and erosion tended to make the statue a stone grey. Daemon was yelling at them, "no, make the wings brighter! More firey! Escentuate the eyes... ESCENTUATE!"

Roy looks over at Daemon, "I am not sure if Escentuate is a word."

Daemon screams at Roy, "As Poke Goddess of Time, I will make it a word!"

Duke whines a little.

Roy looks at Duke, "I just had to have that extra bottle of Tea at Prof Willow's Lab... didn't I?"

Kane is running around, trying to stop Daemon from annoying the Elders.. since Daemon floated, all it took was a few Energy Balls shot at her to make her slide away a little.

Elder Atu looks over at the display of Kane attacking Daemon with some of Kane's more pretty attacks, and says, "Beautiful! Hmm... we should put some manner of system together where Pokemon are judged on how Cool, Cute, Beautiful, Tough or Smart they look."

Elder Eldu looks over at Atu and smacks him with a paint brush, "thats a silly idea and will never catch on."

Elder Atu smacks Eldu with a paint brush, "Look I hear people are getting to work at doing something like that in Hoenn and Sinnoh"

Elder Eldu smacks Elder Atu with a paintbrush again, "With the pokeball difficulties, don't you think it is a little bit of a bad idea it give people reasons to catch small and tiny pokemon?"

Elder Atu motions to smack Elder Eldu with the paintbrush but dumps a bucket of paint onto Elder Eldu, "don't you think it could take their mind off the troubles. Imagine, a Cyren Contest league. We could put that lovely, almost levitating girl as the contest diva!"

However, they did not see Daemon come up with a vat of paint. She then dumps it on both of them yelling, "PAINT FIGHT!"

The Elders then proceed to chase Daemon, Roy, Kane, Duke and Spark away from the statue. After they are far enough away, the elders head back to the statue. Roy looks over at Daemon, "how can something that doesn't exist get me into so much trouble?"

Daemon glares over, "Some_body_ that doesn't exist! I is not an object." Daemon looks about and sighs.

Roy looks over, "what is it, Krystal?"

Daemon shoots over, "Daemon..."

Roy corrects himself, "Daemon..."

Daemon replies, "I wonder if there will be a parade... I want to see the center girl... I'll bet she'll be soo pretty..."

Daemon and Roy both blush.

Duke looks over at Spark, "<theres no paint in my fur is there?>"

Spark asks Duke, "<I didn't know People were chameleons..>"

Duke looks somewhat confused... Kane rolls her eyes and replies to Spark, "<its something known as blushing. Blood rushes to the surface fo their skin.>"

Spark starts running around, "<oh no! Roy and Daemon are sick! Somebody, get a Nurse Joy!>"

Duke grabs Spark with his mouth, "<No... it normally happens when they are embarassed or thinking happy thoughts.>"

Spark tilts his head, "<Happy thoughts? Why would happy thoughts make Roy and Daemon sick?>"

Duke facepalms. Kane jumps in, "<remember that one girl Pikachu we saw on the way here.. the one with the large uh, cheek sacks?>"

Spark immediately starts blushing uncontrollably and gushing, "<sooo much electricity in her... cuuuuuuuuutteee>"

Roy and Daemon call their pokemon after them, Roy calls out, "Hey, we are going to see whats going on in the parade... we will see if we can help out if there is one."

Daemon yells to Kane, "Come Kane, we shall beat all the other maids into being Queen of the festival.. you shall help me prepare a dress made entirely of flowers!"

Roy looks over mouth gaping, "but wouldn't a dress like that be hard to make, and even harder to keep on."

Daemon shakes in fist in the air indiscriminately, "Flowers I say!"

Kane, Duke and Spark follow Daemon and Roy. Kane merely saying under her breathe, "<this will only end in tears.>"

Daemon twirls around and whistles, "I claim this page in the name of parades."

Roy look over with an eyebrow raised.

Duke whines, "<what is she on about?>"

Kane sighs, "<like I have any clue.>"

The End

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