Birds: The only title suiting makes an Alice in Wonderland reference

Three Years Earlier...

"My name is President George Grau, and I have a proposition for you. I know that many of you are... concerned by rising Pokemon-related crime. Today, I would propose the following: That we band together to stop this terrible trend. Together, we can weed out those that commit these abhorrent acts and create a safer world for our children. I've created a new organisation, dedicated to the curbing of Pokemon-Based crimes. I call it the Pokemon League. I intend to establish it all over Cyren, with a dual purpose. A test for trainers, a vent for Pokemon based aggression without the unfortunate consequences that can often arise. Secondly, they will be a regulatory committee. The Pokemon League will act as an independent task force, as an elite branch of the Cyren Police Department's PCU. We have already trialed the initiative in Fel City, your capital, to great success. I ask you, the people of Cyren, to welcome your new local gym leaders. For the time being, we are instituting eight new gyms in the Cyren Region alone, before testing it out in the greater Spectrum Nation. Remember: If you see a crime being committed with a pokemon, take it to your local League official. Good night, people of Cyren, and rest well."


"WIIIIIIIIIIIILLOW, I'M BAAAAAAACK!" Saffy shouted, the loudness of her voice filling the small, cramped laboratory. 

"Welcome home, sis. Are you ready to head to Garre?" Willow had a small backpack in her hands, ready and waiting for Saffy and Vermil's return. The pair had walked in fairly casually, seemingly not bothered by their victory at the Basic Gym. 

"I'm sorry, did you say you were heading to Garre?" A spectacled man stood in the doorway, cleaning his glasses as he spoke. "You are aware that it is a very sensitive time for the people of Garre at the moment, correct?" He began to step forward into the room, making each footstep deliberately placed and sure-footed, an aura of confidence surrounding him completely. "It is the ritual of the Dying Embers, at the moment, and to interrupt it would be most unfortunate... unless you'd care to accompany me." He smiled and turned to Saffy and Vermil. "You two, delightful as you seem to be, won't get very far. I, however, have been invited as a guest for... matters of public safety. I am able to add any name to my invitation, I have been told, provided you do not cause too much trouble..." The man in the room was an aging man, in his mid-thirties but showing the age of a far-older man.

"Samuel... It's about time you showed up." Willow handed Saffy the backpack and walked over to the newcomer. "This is an official league matter, then?"

"I've come to take what you once offered me." The man was sneering a little now. Perhaps as a child he had been happy, but it had clearly been replaced by an arrogance, a constant sneer that was undeserved.

"What was that, exactly?" Willow was slightly hesitant. A look of both confusion and fear crossed her face, as though she knew what he meant, yet at the same time didn't want to admit it.

"The Amulet of Agrython." Samuel's sneer widened. "You thought I was here for some other reason?"

"I sincerely hoped so." Willow dug into her pocket and produced the amulet. "I've yet to examine it."

"There is no need." Samuel laughed and snatched it from her hand. "It will be thorougly examined by the Elite Four. Our resources are far greater than what you have available here."

"Wait, did you say Elite Four?" Vermil butted in, "I'm doing that pokemon league thingy! You guys... you're like the last part, aren't you?"

Samuel laughed and placed the amulet in his pocket. "Our authority stretches much farther than that, but I suppose it's good enough for a layman's answer." He turned and headed for the door, pausing only briefly to turn around to speak to Saffy. "When you're ready to head to Garre, meet me at the connecting tunnel to Origin Field. I'll be waiting." Samuel left the room slowly, as if carefully drawing out how his viewers saw him. Saffy was unimpressed, and turned to Vermil.

"I really don't like it, but if we want to go to Garre, we'll have to follow that jerk." She frowned disapprovingly at the notion.

"We don't have to go if you don't want," Vermil began, "Because really--"

"I'm sorry, and I really should have said something earlier, but I was wondering if you'd like some accompaniment?" Polaris stepped forward from one of Willow's back rooms, with Max in tow. "We've both had a bit of... uneasiness here, and we were wondering if you'd like someone to travel with you?" Polaris was overly polite about it, but Max scoffed.

"Look, I've really not had that much trouble, but I'd like to see Garre at some point. So I'm coming with you." He rummaged through his coat and produced a potion. "I can give you a few items if you want payment, but it's about all I have."

"No, we're good. We don't need anything. I guess you're... welcome to tag along," Vermil said somewhat taken aback, "We're not exactly running a tourism service to Garre or anything..."

"Did someone say tourism service?" Daemon floated out from a corner where she and Roy were tinkering with a computer. "I hear the Whalerin flower of Garre is beautiful this time of year." She began to spin wistfully in the air, "I hear the tusks are a beautiful ultraviolet color this time of year." She giggled and floated over to Saffy. Roy slowly followed her, still somewhat deluded regarding the nature of Daemon's existance.

"What the figment is trying to say is: We've got nothing better to do. Mind if we tag along?"

"Wow... What fun! We're going to have a big party when we get there!" Saffy clapped her hands. "Alright team... let's go! We've got a whole walk to introduce ourselves!"

One Day Later...

"Alright, I've spoken to the elder. You've permission to sleep in the Guest House next to the pokemon center. I will be staying in the elder's cabin, but I should warn that it won't help the crowding any." Samuel began to clean his glasses and walked in the direction of the Elder's house, before calling behind him, "Don't cause trouble... you're already far greater in number than I expected."

Saffy grinned and dragged Vermil off in the direction of the hut marked with a Scroll painted at the top, denoting some form of records building. Daemon immediately gravitated towards a large statue in the centre of the town. "It's some form of firebird or pheonix... I was a pheonix once, but I burned up too much."

Roy simply sighed and followed his delusion around a bit. Max leaned against a wooden fence while Polaris and Picasso began scoping out the scenery with their hand-squares.

"I think we were followed," Max said gruffly, "Might have been a pokemon... but forewarned is forearmed."

Polaris frowned a little and took out his pad and paintbrush.

The End

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