Birds: Have you ever seen the rain?

Originally posted by me on March 12th, 2009


Daemon, Roy, Kane, Duke, Spark and Lumpy arrive at Prof Willow's house, they were all rather wet from the rain. Roy was muttering something about forgetting his raincoat. Daemon looked like a drowned angel of light. Some of Daemon's makeup was running. Daemon didn't seem to notice it was raining though, despite the strange look. Kane was having fun... after all Kane was essentually a plant. Duke had that wonderful wet dog smell, and looked like a drowned Rattata. Pichu was having a lot of fun shocking random inanimate objects they went by... with the exception of that one Meowth. Spark was certain that was a good luck statue though...

Daemon stands at the front door and yells, "Open! The Poke Goddess of Time commands it!"

Roy rolls his eyes and pushes the door bell and grumbles, "why couldn't one of my hallucinations be more helpful"

Lumpy grumbles out, "<Thats us... totally unhelpful.>"

Prof Willow answers the door, and yells out, "Krystal Spectrum! How good of you to come, who are your friends?"

Roy answers, "how is it that you can see Daemon, I figured I was hallucinating her."

Prof Willow looks over at Roy, "No, Krystal here is far from a hallucination. Come in, come in out of the rain." Prof Willow yells back, "we got more guests."

Roy and co come on into Prof Willows laboratory out of the rain.

The End

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