Birds: Enter the Puuk.

Originally posted by RockXIII on March 12, 2009


A wave collided with the bow of a small, old, wooden ferry, and sea water splashed all over deck. Some of the water got into the room with the steering wheel, and onto an old radio, which short-circuited and began to smoke lightly. The captain swore as he shook the malfunctioned device with one hand, while expertly steering the boat with his left hand. He put the radio in his navy blue coat, which was hidden by his lanky silver beard, and continued to focus on the sea, though he was still muttering curses.

But even though the captain was mad, the only other person welcomed the wave, stretching his arms wide with a grinning face...... From the other side of the boat, as he was too afraid of being pushed off the ferry by the wave, especially after the boat swayed back and forth afterward. Another wave crashed against the boat, and he fell flat on his back, the smile being wiped along with it.

"Eheheh... Havin' trouble standin', sonny?" the old captain called, looking through the back window of his room.

"No," the boy sighed, picking himself up from the creaking boat. "But I'll try to hold your feet steady so you don't fall over, if you want. I'll throw in a baseball card."

The old man chuckled. "After the hours we've spent on this boat, I can tell why people call you Mr. Insanity."

The bright-faced teen laughed himself, striding towards the steering room. His brown bushy ponytail was glistening from the sea water and bounced from the back of his legs. He looked down at one of the many puddles covering the ferry and saw a thirteen year-old with blue eyes, a curved nose, a T-shirt with a black hole draining a star into it, blue jeans and cameo styled shoes gazing back at him. He walked inside with the captain, a little fast.

He speedily opened and closed the rotting door and had a shocked look on his face, and breathing deeply, as though he saw something that scared him. "I don't think that the sea likes me too much, cap'n."

"Heheheh. Well, you won't have to worry about it too much for now, Fujitsu; we reach the shore of Garn Town!" he said.

The teenager named Fujitsu glanced from the old man to the front window, a little doubtful, and yet there it was. The midday weather had attracted many people to the beach, practically saying, "Hey there! Come and get a suntan!" as many people were doing. He also notice that the waves had subsided, leaving the body of water as calm as a sleeping puppy. He leaped outside and to the bow.

"Thank you thank you thank you, sea!" He yelled gleefully and appreciatively. He began bowing. "Thank you thank you I lllooovve you, sea! Seven days, but I'm still alive by eating raw fish and now I'm here I love you!"

The captain couldn't keep himself from laughing until they reached the dock of the town.

The End

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