Birds: Gaebrille recounts a previous herald

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Roy sighed, drinking down the bottle of tea and tossing it into a nearby trash bin as they walked. He continually readjusted his backpack until he had finally found a comfortable position. It had become slightly heavy with the amount of snacks and canned drinks (he couldn't drink tea all the time), along with the medications for Duke and Spark and Daemon's Pokemon if they needed them.

"So...your real name's..."

"Don't say it."

"Alright, alright," Roy shrugged. "I just wanted to get a conversation started."

Roy thought for a moment as a thought of work passed through his head.

"Crud, I forgot about work..."


"Oh, yeah. I forgot I have a crapload of vacation time because they never compensated me after you broke my leg and arm."

"This Pichu broke your leg?" Daemon inquired.

"Funny story. See, I work at the Terrut Opera House, and this lady, Madame Frenchypants...or whatever her name was was preforming that night."

"'Frenchypants'? You're kidding me."

"I prefer the sound of the orchestra over the opera, if that makes any sense. Anyway, I was running the lights and sound system backstage as usual," Roy began to explain, then turning to Spark, who nervously looked to Duke. "Then that little squirt popped out of an air vent on top of me, made me screw up the controls, and then decided to go down my hoodie."

Daemon blinked, then asked, "You wore a hoodie to a formal performance?"

"Ah. Remember, I work backstage. No one sees me, and my boss really doesn't care. Anyway, I began freaking out, and so did everyone else, because the lights went nuts. I appeared on stage screaming because there was a Pichu in my hoodie randomly shocking me. I tripped over several of the stage props and eventually off the stage, breaking my leg in two places and arm in one in the process because I fell in the orchestra pit."

"You have bad luck."

"Well, at first, everyone thought the show was ruined, but my boss got word that because of my expense, everyone expected to come back for the subsequent performances," Roy shrugged. "And, Spark became a new addition to the family."

The End

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