Birds: The Gaebrille delivers the Daemon Gamete


Originally posted by me on March 10th, 2009


Daemon and Roy get to a pay phone. Daemon fiddles with some change while Roy shiveres and shakes outside. Roy was muttering something about cops being everywhere. Kane looked at Duke, and said "<I guess he is at the paranoid stage of being high>"

Duke replies, "<I dunno.. he's never actually been high before... just suspected there was LSD in his ice tea>"

Daemon looked through the phone book with her finger going along all the entries, until she found Prof Willow, "Aha!" She cried out, "I long for the day when people carry around their phone with them... Pokenav I could call it. No that is retarded. How about pokegear? No that is even worse... I know! Pokecell! Hmm... note to self, must make a pokecell."

Roy is drinking some ice tea, muttering something about Flouride in water, and HIV being a weapon designed to clear out ghettos. Spark looks over at Roy all worried like, "<what is wrong with him?>"

Duke growls out, "<he thinks he is having a bad trip. I think that explosion really scared him. I suggest you knock him out.>"

At which point Spark shocked Roy unconcious... which with all the caffiene Roy had consumed in the ice tea took some time... at one point Daemon yells from the booth, "ssh! I am on the telephone! (rude!)"

Eventually Daemon gets through to Prof Willow, Prof Willow answers, "hi... who is this? I don't have video phone installed yet (its too expensive for me)."

Daemon, replies, "Hi, it is Daemon.. I have a poke storage system in Kanto, I am here in Terrut to talk to somebody about connecting them..."

Prof WIllow getting quite excited yells out, "KRYSTAL SPECTRUM! HOW ARE YOU! I HAVE NOT HEARD FROM YOU IN AGES!"

Daemon pulling the phoene from her ear a moment starts talking, "its Daemon now, you wouldn't happen to know who is in charge of the poke storage system in this region?"

Prof Willow sort of takes a cynical tone, uncharacteristic for her, "you wouldn't be using them for experiments would you?"

Daemon answers, "I promise"

"Promise what? Don't play games with me Krystal. I read about your accident with that Ghastly. I was surprised they released you from the hospital so soon."

"Well, Kanto''s universal healthcare only really applies to pokemon."



"Miss Spectrum, you need to readjust your life. I will not help you out with the pokemon storage issue until you get your act together. We don't want you to turn into another Prof Larch. You're welcome to come over, but only because your research intrigues me, and I know your parents well. ~click"

Daemon reluctantly hangs up the phone and floats over to Roy, and wakes him up. He grogely comes too, "such a pretty girl... wait... DAEMON!"

Roy quickly gets up, and looks at the half drunk Ice Tea in his hand, "I heard prolonged use of LSD could lead to schizophrenia... but.. KKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!" He falls to his knees as he screams that last part.

Kane looks over at Duke and Spark, "<Nan de ka?>"

Duke replies, "<Kahn Ice Tea is his favourite brand.>"

Daemon helps Roy up, "Hey, we are headed to Prof Willow's lab. Its been a while since I've slept in a bed"

Roy gets up and looks around and shrugs "maybe I can talk to Prof Willow about my Ice Tea issues..."

They head down the street.

Lumpy follows behind,. "<don't worry about me... I'll be along shortly. Don't anybody mind me...>"


Prof Willow walks slowly away from the phone, "how can somebody so young throw her life away?"

Prof Willow remembers she has guests and cheers up.

It begins to rain outside.

The End

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