Birds: The Samson Help to The Artisan

Originally posted by Kurugi on March 8th, 2009


"So far, so good..."

Max had been following Polaris since he spotted him coming out of the Terrut Graveyard. The last time he had seen the artist, he had given him an 'I O U' for five dollars. Then he, and his Smeargle, disappeared. Max had learned to be suspicious of others, and something about this just wasn't adding up. There was another man near him, too. A bodygaurd? A contact? 

Max could tell that Polaris knew the other man was there. But niether of them noticed him. He had learned to stay out of sight, running from bounty hunters and the like. No one knew where he was unless he wanted them to. 

Eevee was always by his side, waiting with his trainer for two days. Soon they would make their move. 

"That's right... just a little longer. We'll figure out who these guys are, Eev." The Pokemon gave a stiff nod in reply.


Picasso was the first to hear them coming. He grabbed Polaris' pants leg and tugged, warning his trainer to move. Polaris turned to see the large man from the other day... Max? Yes, that was it. He was charging after them like a mad man. It only took a few seconds before he was upon them. 

"What the-??"


The bodyguard was first. The artist's backup. Max delivered a spin kick to the man's jawbone, spinning him to face the wall of a building. Then Max grabbed the back of his head and slammed the bodyguard's face into the brick wall as hard as he could. The man slumped to the ground, out cold. 

"Now for you!!" Max lunged at Polaris, with his Eevee darting out from hiding at the same time to collide with the Smeargle. Eevee forced the protective Pokemon away with a quick attack, leaving the artist defenseless. Max grabbed Polaris by the shirt collar and forced him up against the wall, bringing him at eye level to a cold stare.

"Who do you work for?! Is it the bounty hunters?? Are you one of them?? Who the hell are you?!"


Polaris was fairly stunned. It had all happened so fast and... violently that he wasn't sure he could remember how to speak. The stalker had been caught completely off guard, and was no longer a problem, but it seemed that one devil had been traded for a worse one.

"Wh-- what are you talking about??" The artist half screamed. The look in Max's eyes made Polaris fear that he had somehow angered a madman, and a paranoid one at that.

"Don't play dumb! I saw you come out of the graveyard. You've seen my face, you can tell them where I am!"

Polaris was again awestruck. This man had been stalking him too? He had heard of artists having a following, but this was ridiculous.


Max was starting to feel... like an ass. Years as a gang leader gave him the ability to tell when someone was lieing to him, and this guy was honestly oblivious. He could even see the bump on Polaris' head. Was he kidnapped? Forced against his will into some secret hideout? But how did he escape? Max relinquished his grip on the artist, letting his feet touch the ground, but he made sure the man stayed put.

"I think you should start explaining yourself." Max murmured, a little embarrased.

After the awkward recap Polaris gave a sigh of relief. Max had taken a few steps back to give him some breathing room. A sign of trust? Or did he just think he could catch Polaris if he needed to? Or was he truly mad, and this was just another personality speaking to him? He had some suspicions about his 'savior', and it was smoldering at the back of his mind until he had to ask... something.

"Do you happen to own a Scyther and a change of clothes?"

Max answered both questions at once: "No."

Polaris sighed again. "That's somewhat comforting, other than the smell."

Max ignored the comment. "If what you're telling me is true, then we should probably get you somewhere safer. Who would be a good person to trust in this town?"

"The police?" Max winced at the suggestion.

"Erm... too obvious." Max thought quickly. "We'll need to keep a low profile."

"Hmm... well, there's a laboratory not too far from here. The Professor there is supposed to be a very trustworthy woman."

"Good enough. Let's get going." Max said. 

As they started to walk off, the stalker began waking up. Max kicked his head into the wall as they walked by, knocking him out again.

The End

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