Birds: The Daemon Gamete calls fire and brimstone

Originally posted by me on March 8th, 2009


Daemon points to one stray Raticate left over, "it isn't over yet... we still have one rattata left... and man it is an ugly one."

The Raticate cries out its name in anger.

Daemon tits her head and replies, "wow... this Rattatta cannot even say its name right."

Duke looks over at Spark, "<Raticate? I didn't even think we had those here.>"

Budew answers, "<Styx attracts all sorts of rarities with its ability>"

The Raticate rushes Daemon, Daemon yells, "Lumpy do Night Shade!"

Lumpy looks at Daemon, "<yeah, but I won't enjoy it..>"

Now due to typing Lumpy's move did absolutely nothing except tick off the Raticate...

Daemon yells at Luimpy, "you call that a Night Shade?!? NIGHT SHADE HARDER!"

Kane shakes her head and simply sighs out, "<Soe desu nee>"

Lumpy does several Night Shades, at this point the Raticate is confused as to what Lumpy is trying to accomplish. The Raticate gets up and wanders away.

Daemon yells out, "Ugly rattata, you won't get away from my Daemon Ball!"

Spark looks over at Kane and asks, "<Daemon Ball, whats that?>"

Kane replies, "<I'll tell you later, I suggest we duck and cover>"

The Raticate has become quite enraged at Daemon constantly calling him ugly, and starts slowly walking over to Daemon.. slowly thinking of the horrible things it will do to Daemon's corpse.

Duke looks over, inquisitively, "<I think this Raticate knows Rage... this could work out interestingly>"

Roy looks over, "sweet! How dose that compare to an normal Poke Ball? But aren't all the current poke balls not working?"

Daemon replies, "well, I'm testing this one, it has a higher explosive charge.."

Roy looks rather unsteady, and simply stampers out, "higher... explosive.. charge..."

Daemon throws the Daemon Ball which explodes rather violently in midair sending Roy, Daemon, Spark, Duke, Kane and Lumpy flying one way (Daemon flew the farthest having only to deal with air friction), and the Raticate flying the other way. The explosion also damaged some cars and street lamps. Daemon looks around, "Roy, we may want to skeedaddle... Officer Jenny will be here soon."

Roy starts to look around, "shoot.. and after all the LSD I've had... I' M TOO PRETTY TO GO TO PRISON!"

Daemon looks over, "yeah, we'll go with that... well, I am sure Bubbah will agree with you."

Roy simple stares and is very quiet... beforer running off... Daemon follows keeping close... the pokemon scamper behind them.

The End

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