Birds: The vermin rise up for attack

Originally posted by me on March 6th, 2009


Kane looked over at Duke and Spark, "<I suggest if he really plans to come with us to save some of that. Food is hard to come by on the road.>"

Spark puts down soem for a moment, but Duke calls it, "<how often does your trainer battle?>"

Kane answers, "<Well wild pokemon seem to maul us constantly..>"

Spark looks somewhat scared, but Duke continue, "<no, I mean trainer battles>"

Kane sighs, "<yeah... we tend to have difficulties in the department of Daemon not freaking people out..>"

But just as Kane finished, the ball labeled as "Styx" on Daemon's arm, and a several hundred Rattata started to swarm Roy, Duke, Spark, Kane and Daemon. Daemon looks around, and asks, "looks like we are being attacked by something that marvels at how shiny I am. Looks like we are battling together, whats your name btw?"

Roy looks over, "but I figured a hallucination would know my name?"

"I come only to those who need it, I am Daemon"

"and I are Roy... lets take these Rattatas! Though, I am unsure... is it as bad as my double vision says it is?"

Daemon grabs the Pokeball labelled Lumpy and hurls it out. Kane looks down, "<oh great... _that_ thing>"

Spark askes, "<why?>"

Lumpy the Ghastly comes out, "<oh dear... guess I do have some use. *sigh* ho hum... >"

The End

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