Birds: Gaebrille messes the message.

Originally posted by Longsword on March 5th, 2009


"Oh...I never bought you food, huh..." Roy muttered, looking down at Duke. "I'll be right back, then."

Roy turned and ran back toward the store, returning minutes later with a backpack and sacks full of food and, of course, more tea. He sat the pack on the ground and took off the tags, putting them in his pocket as a temporary wastebasket.

"Probably wondering why I bought a backpack, huh?"


"Yeah...well, I was looking at the ingredients on the tea...and...well...there's no LSD in it."


"Well, yeah...they probably wouldn't put that stuff on the label, but...just in case...that probably means..." Roy became quiet for a moment. "The hallucination is real and I must follow her to the ends of the earth in some kind of anime-esque adventure with you guys."

Duke let out a low growl in shame.

"<This will be good for him. He needs to get out of the house,>" Spark sighed.

Duke agreed. "<If he pulls a guitar out of nowhere and beats someone with it, we disown him, got it?>"

"<No, we just never let him watch "Fooly Cooly" again.>"

Spark examined the sacks of food, pulling out a large box of Poke Snacks. "<Ooh, he got the big box.>"

"<Pass them here.>"

The End

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