Birds: A picture is drawn

Ysavvryl posted this on March 5th 2009.


Polaris looked over the finished sketch. It was one of his better ones. Looking at the drawing made him feel the same way as when he looked at Max. He signed and dated the paper, then handed the notebook over. “Here you go. What do you think?”

“Hmm.” He looked over the page for a bit, then glanced into the street. “You really get into your work.”

“Yeah, I know. Everything else just slips my notice.” He paused. “Um, did something happen?”

“<Just some weird floaty girl and some weird tea-drinking dude,>” Picasso said. “<Nothing special.>”

Eevee tilted his head. “<Nothing special?>”

The Smeargle got rid of his hand binoculars and put a finger to his lips in a ‘shush’ motion. “<The gods of this universe are insane. Normal people are weird, weird people are normal. But don’t go telling everybody. Let the people enjoy their madness.>”

The End

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