Birds: The Gaebrille's people talks to The Daemon Gamete's people. We can have dinner.

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Daemon started to admire a fire escape for a little while.. wondering why people just didn't float out of buildings and such. It was really simple just float out.

Kane continued to Duke and Spark, Kane asked, "<I suppose your names are Growlithe and Pichu?>"

Duke shook his head and barked, "<Nope. I am Duke and this is Spark>"

Kane looks over at Spark, and says "<I am almost envious of your creative name>"

Sparks tilts his head as if it were an odd question, Duke answers for him though, "<yeah, well, it certainly does not carry the angsty charm yours does.>"

Kane rolls herr eyes, "<Actually it is worse than that... Ever see the movie Citizen Kane?>"

Sparks replies, "<Isn't that the one where the old guy was talking about his sled Rosebud?... er... wait... oh...>"

Duke barks, "<I almost feel sorry for you. I actually had an inkling of respect for your trainer before>"

Kane sighs and says, "<It gets worse. Her Ghastly, who doesn't have an ability-->"

Duke interrupts, "<wait... no ability how does that work?>"

Kane explains, "<That was the Ghastly she did the experiment on.>"

Spark puts his head down, "<How sad. I cannot fathom what it would be like to not have an ability>"

Kane shakes her head "<It gets worses.... she was eating oatmeal crisp and renamed the Ghastly Lumpy *sigh*>"

Duke barks in agreement.

Kane conitnues, "<And her Staryu, which is dynamite, she named Styx.>"

Spack askes, "<Apart from Lumpy,what is with the death associatied names?>"

Kane replies, "<Daemon has a sort of anger towards Giratina, and wants to bring him down>"

Duke askes, "<So she honestly thinks she is the poke goddess fo time then?>"

Kane answers in agreement.

Duke looks sneaky back and forth and then starts barking, "<Hey do you think you could have Daemon stick around with Roy? Maybe they can help each other out?>"

Kane tilts her head, "<what could help there?>"

Duke barks back, "<Well Roy hasn't had much luck with the ladies lately-->"

Spark chime in, "<Wait... how do you know he is male? He acts kind of femine...>"

Dake looks over for a moment and then talks to Kane, "<anyways, I think maybe Roy needs human companionship... and your trainer needs to tone the bark down on the crazy.>"

Kane starts to try to attract Daemon's attention, and Roy starts to wake up from Pichu's shocking. Daemon floats over and looks at the pokemon, "had enough exposition? Is everybody brought up to date on everything?"

Duke looks over at Daemon then at Kane, "<you know, that was kind of creepy.>"

Kane replies, "<Lucky guess... you should see how many times I've gotten her to rescue some smuck named Timmy from a well>"

Roy wakes up to see Daemon floating near him, "OH dear... am I stuck crazy due to the drug laced Ice Tea?"

Spark shocks Roy and Roy looks over at Daemon. Roy starts, "Now the question is do I keep the freaky hallucination nearby so as to not allow a further bad trip with something else? She is kind of cute."

Daemon, "ah, thanks... but then it is the Poke Goddess of Time''s job took cute."

Roy looks over at Daemon, "okay the question is do I keep the freaky hallucination girl nearby until I can get the appropriate therapy?"

Duke barks to Roy.

The End

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