Birds: More Daemon Gamete and Gaebrille interaction

Originally posted by Longsword on March 4th, 2009


"I has money!" Roy smiled as he pulled a coin out of his pocket and placed it over his left eye like a monocle.

"<>" Spark sighed. "<I better go stop him.>"

"<He does this often, I assume?>" the Budew asked.

"<Only when he believes his tea is laced with drugs.>"

Duke growled as he walked by. "<Don't get us wrong...he's not a bad guy...just weird as heck when he believes he's high.>"

"<You've seen my trainer,>" the Budew responded, looking toward Daemon.

"<Poke Godess of Time my fur,>" Duke barked as Spark began to run after Roy. "<You said she was a Pokemon Researcher, right?>"

The Budew nodded. "<Yes. I'm her Budew, Kane.>"


Kane nodded. "<Anyway, our trainer had a mishap with a Ghastly during an experiment.>"

Duke tried to picture the situation as he watched Spark climb up Roy's back and electrocute him several times before he collapsed on the ground. "<That definitely explains the floaty-thing...>"

Spark scampered back, darting his head between the two. "<So, what did I miss?>"

"<Not much.>"

The End

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