Birds: The Daemon Gamete is joined by The Gaebrille

Originally posted by me on March 3rd, 2009


Daemon... wondering where the directions were to the local Poke Centre, as she wanted to help setup transfers to the Kanto region floated over to Roy. He looked like a fun person. Who had appeared to be acting like he smoked some cigga-weed. Daemon and Kane headed to Roy. Roy simply says, "I am scared but she is so lovely looked."

Daemon smiles, and asks, "where is the local poke centre... I want to see if I cannot setup the computers to read my storage system for pokemon."

Kane rolls her eyes and says to the growlithe, "<don't worry about us.. we are likely going to be chased out of town by an angry lynch mob>"

The growlithe growls, "<is that why she smells so odd? Like she clearly has the smell like she bathed with a housefull of ghosts... its creepy>"

Kane sighs, and replies, "<yeah, she is a pokemon researcher.. she screwed up in an experiment>"

The growlithe, figuring Daemon was a threat, and grows...

Daemon looks over at the Growlithe, "how cute... I think he likes me."

Roy looks over at the Growlithe, "well I've always heard, they can sense things that aren't there... he doesn't seem to like you..."

"Don't be foolish, all pokemon love the Poke Goddess of Time."

The Growlithe then does quick attack onto Daemon as she tries to pet him... resulting in growlithe going right through her. Daemon scowls... "Ghost type?!? I am clearly a Dragon/Steel type"

Roy looks at the ice tea some more, before pooring the contents onto the ground, and dropping the bottle... Daemon comments, "I am not sure your dead homies really care for ice tea... maybe some hard liquor... or coolers... I don't know what they were like."

Roy points down the street, "the poke centre is down there... though the pokemon storage person here is really possessive about his system though, and there is a lot of security. You'll need to talk to him in another city. I am probably too enebriated to say it correctly though. I am walking in that direction. Don't follow... or I'll try mace on you... I don't have any, but I'll buy some just for you."

Pichu looks at Kane and says, "<I suppose you to get this a lot>"

Kane replies, "<like you wouldn';t believe it.>"

Daemon starts to float off to the poke centre.

The End

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