Birds: The Chimera finds his way

Originally posted by Myrmaddon on March 1st, 2009


Hari was lost. It was the simplest way to describe it.

He had been in this forest for a while now, ever since Mephitis had stoically beat out a win in the Nature Gym and garnered him his first badge. The tarot cards had told him to spend a day in Garn town for whatever reason, and then had led him in circles in the forest. The dependable Grimer had kept the bug Pokemon at bay, and Carmen at some point or another had snatched up some apples and jerky, but the poor lad was getting rather nervous about spending the night in such a place.

That had changed, however, when he had stumbled across the passed out boy and girl along the path.

"W-what is... are... are they okay?"

"Grime," came the simple response from Mephitis.

"Mis mis!" Carmen added, flitting forward excitedly.

"C-Carmen... d-don't. They... they might be hurt. Let... let me look at them."

Carmen responded with a sulky expression, but did what she was bade and backed off from the two older kids. Stepping forward nervously, Hari had checked the two of them. They seemed fine for the most part, the boy was a little battered. Had they gotten into a fight with something?

The girl mumbled something and shifted from her position. Panicking, the little boy had dove into the brush with Carmen and Mephitis in tow. From that vantage point, he had heard them talk of the confrontation they had and some strange amulet thing. He wasn't entirely sure.

Soon enough, however, the two of them were headed towards what was most likely the exit from this forest, leaving Hari to ponder. Had he been held around these parts by the cards to meet these two individuals? That would explain why it had kept him wandering in the woods. The best option now was, as always, to look to the cards.

Pulling the tarot cards out of the pouch that also contained the Pokeballs for his Grimer and Misdreavus, he quickly shuffled and placed them in position. The reading was clear enough: He was supposed to follow those two for whatever reason. Glancing back through the brush, Hari noticed they were getting rather far away, so he hurriedly recollected the cards and scrambled out of his hiding spot after them.

The End

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