Birds: Checking the Schroedinger's state

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"Well, I'm upset to say this, but you've won. I am hereby required, under the rules of the Cyren Pokemon League, to give you the Bloom Badge." Maggey, the head of the Garn Town Pokemon Gym, was furious on the inside, despite seeming to be only mildly angered by the defeat she had just suffered at the hands of Vermil. Her gym trainers, Rick and Steve, were quietly attempting to usher Vermil from the building, the "Nature Gym" that had suffered terrible damage at the hands of Vermil's Magby. A branch snapped from the tree that Maggey normally stood beneath, narrowly missing her and serving as the cue for Vermil to leave without the assistance of Rick and Steve. 

Vermil left the hustle and bustle (And smoke) of Garn Town behind him, heading for the Forest that connected Garn to Terrut. The ferry, unfortunately, didn't go directly to Terrut, leaving Vermil in a position that made him glad for his Magby. He didn't want to give it a name, like alot of Trainers did. He preferred, instead, to wait. One day he'd name it... but only when he found an adequate name for it. Something fitting. Something masculine. 

Vermil briefly considered the name Raoul, but decided it would be better to wait.


The Garn-Terrut Forest path was nice and light, the trees overhead refusing to grow high enough to block out the light, instead choosing to create shapes and patterns on the ground that made it seem to dance, at least enough for Vermil to put a spring in his step and a whistle on his lips. He felt the tune and lightness of movement was a nice enough time for him to finally admire his spoils. The "Nature Gym's" Bloom Badge was in the shape of a flower, a little fey for Vermil's taste but nice enough for him to feel it adequate to pin it to the bottom right of his SILPH shirt. It hung a little, sitting at the very bottom of the shirt, but Vermil felt it more than adequate as a place of decoration. He was far more interested in his other spoil, anyway. It was a strange disc-like substance. When he shook it, it seemed to make a noise that suggested something inside it. A powder? Some sort of Pokemon-Drug, perhaps? The purpose of it had been made clear enough. It would teach his Magby a battle technique. She called it "Synthesis", a move that apparently heals injured Pokemon. It didn't seem to fit Magby, though. Perhaps it would be best to leave it for now.

While playing with the disc between two fingers, Vermil heard a noise, a voice, that broke the otherwise calm nature of the Forest. It was close, nearby, desperate. Vermil quickly pocketed the disc and began to run to the source of the sound. It wasn't long before more voices became audible, causing Vermil to slow down and approach the scene with more care.


"Yes, Bernard?"

"Remind me again why we're picking on this girl instead of going home and doing absolutely nothing?"

"Because it's our job?"

"Why is it our job again?"

"Because I said, "Hey, would could...""

"Yes, exactly. You said it. So now, instead of being at home, we're here. Picking on some girl we don't know for reason we're not too sure about."

"We wan't the amulet don't we?"

"You'll never get it from me!"

Vermil was observing the scene from behind a tree. Two men in black outfits were accosting a young girl in a significantly stranger outfit - a strange mesh of greens and purples. How she thought it flattering was beyond Vermil's comprehension, but also not the most important thing on his mind at the moment.

"Now, don't get like that. Just hand me the amulet..." One of the men was grinning fiendishly. He seemed to be enjoying his job, even more so now that he had reached for a pokeball hanging at his belt. His partner had also reached for one, although he was tossing it into the air and catching it, with a somewhat bored look on his face.

"Now, we don't wan't to do this, but... see now, We just got these pokeballs from our boss. He said to take them as long as we brought back that amulet. I was surprised, really. Truly. Let me show you why." One of the men, the apparent leader of the two, threw his Pokeball to the ground. As it broke, from it emerged a large white bird-like Pokemon. It's wings appeard more like arms, yet were distinctly used by the creature to raise itself from the ground, with it's long, white tail barely touching the ground. It was like nothing he had ever seen before.

"Now, girl. Give us the Amulet of Agrython." The leader was sneering now, showing an intense passion in his eyes. 

"No... Intimidate me all you want." The girl was stalwart in her determination.

Vermil knew that in life, there were choices. With these choices, there was always the smart one and the stupid one.

"Leave her alone!" 

Vermil chose the stupid one. 


Vermil woke up with a head that felt like it had been hit by a sledgehammer. He hadn't been sure what happened. He ran to protect the young girl, but quickly blacked out.

"You were hit by an Aeroblast, if you were wondering." The girl he had rushed to help was now sitting beside him, leaning back against a tree-trunk, whereas Vermil was flat on the ground. "It's a particularly nasty Flying-Type technique. Well, I guess it must be. That's what I heard that man say. Anyway, I don't remember much after that either."

Vermil sat up somewhat, resting on his elbows. He laughed a little. "What, did you get hit by an Euroblast too?"

"Aeroblast, and surprisingly no. I just blacked out... Whatever happened, they didn't get the Amulet."

"The what?"

"The thing they were after." The girl reached into her pocket. She produced a strange medallion. Hanging on a gold chain, it was circular and almost prism-like it it's ever-changing color, and ornately decorated on the outside. The middle held a dull crystal that Vermil found to be strangely familiar, almost nostalgic. He quickly shook off those feelings and stood up.

"So, why did they want it?"

"I'm not sure," the girl said somewhat sadly, "I just got back from Genthy Island, where it was found. My sister is a researcher in town and was contacted about it by an anonymous source. Guess whoever it was wanted it kept out of their hands... but why do I still have it then?" She pocketed it again. "Whatver happened, it's getting too creepy for me. I just need to get to Terrut City."

"Hey, that's where I'm headed!" Vermil was a little too enthusiastic, a fact he put down to a possible concussion. 

"Well, I may just need a bodyguard. Are you interested?"

"I guess I can handle that. I'm Vermillion Gelb, by the way. Call me Vermil." Vermil extended his hand, which the girl shook with vigor. 

"I'm Saffron - Saffy - Willow. Nice to meet you, Mister Bodyguard. Shall we?" She motioned ahead of her, which seemed to be towards the exit, and took no time in walking towards the aforemention exit. Vermil stumbled a little as he tried to walk, attempting to catch up.


Three Weeks Earlier.

"Mr Weiss? I have a phonecall for you from a Mr. Schwarz." Vice-President John Weiss had just entered his office on the sixth floor of Fel City's Cyren Presidential Building. Everything was normal. His secretary was at her desk, and through the glass of his door he could see his Coffee sitting on his desk.

"Thank you, Maria. I'll take it in my office."

Weiss closed the door behind him and picked up the phone. 

"Yes, Stephen? What do you want? ... No, I haven't heard the news. ... Christ, how did the media find out before me? ... You're sure about this? ... Three days? Three days the President of Cyren goes missing and nobody tells me? ... What package? ... Under the desk...? Oh, here. I've got it. Is it a surprise? ... Alrighty then, I won't open it yet... But you want me to? Alright then... I just need to find a knife... Found one, just cutting this bit here and... Oh. Well. Stephen Schwarz, You've outdone yourself. I never thought I'd see the day where I'd get my hands on this... Mr Schwarz, let me be the first to say that Capsule Solutions may have done a great service to Cyren today. By the way, don't ring next time there's bad news. I'll get it like everyone else, from that horrible Newssom woman on Cyren News One. ... Haha, alright then. Take care."

Weiss hung up the phone and inspected the item in his hands. It was purple pokeball with two strange circular bumps. The note inside was all he needed to read, however.

Dear Mister Weiss,

You said you wanted this pokemon.

I think you'll be most impressed with the results.

Let's call this a... budding friendship between Capsule Solutions and the Government of Cyren...

Mister Defacto President.

The End

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