Birds: Gaebrille misunderstands the messages

Originally posted by Longsword on February 27, 2009


((First Pokemon-based item I ever owned was Pokemon Blue, which I bought after being exposed to it by my cousin. Still have it. 151-seen. 141-Caught. Level 100 Blastoise and a Mew, which was traded to me by my cousin.))

"I always figured this stuff was laced with LSD," Roy smirked as he held examined the Citrus Blend tea in his hand.


"It's a drug," Roy explained. "A very trippy one. Although...not as trippy as I imagined. Where are the swirly colors...and John Lennon?"


"Don't ask. I've obviously overdosed."

Duke let out a low growl in embarrassment.

"Oh, shut up. I'm going to go kiss the sky!" Roy exclaimed as he suddenly stood with his arms in the air, empty tea bottle still in hand.


Both Pokemon stepped away from their trainer to pretend as though he did not exist. Roy, however, took off toward the direction of two trainers, one whom was in the possession of a Smeargle, the other with an Eevee.

"I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts! Penny-a-pinch, everyone!" Roy shouted as he ran past them.

"<It's official...he's an idiot,>" Spark sighed.

"<Yes...but he's our idiot...>" replied Duke, who had to hide his face in shame.

"<I'm stopping his tea intake.>"

"<That would probably be for the best.>"

((Amazing what happens when an idiot believes he's on drugs))

The End

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