Birds: The Artisan meets The Samson Help

Originally posted by Kurugi on February 26, 2009


((fun fact: The first Pokemon related anything I ever owned was a Lunchables cut-out with the pokemon's picture on it. It was an Eevee.))

Max and Eevee wandered into Terrut city, keeping a wary eye out for anything suspicious....

"On second thought, let's just keep an eye out for the bounty hunters." Max spoke sidelong to Eevee as they evaded a strange floating woman. She looked bored, and it seemed like a bad sign.

"Pardon me, sir!" Max turned to see a young man and a Smeargle hurrying after them. Polaris turned to Picasso and whispered. "Finally, someone who doesn't look busy. Looks tough, too. Maybe that guy will leave us alone for a while."

Eevee instinctively stepped between Max and the newcomers. Max enjoyed the gesture, even though the small pokemon needed saving more often than he did. Polaris and Picasso kept a respectful distance, mostly out of the stoney glares coming from the two opposite them. 

"Can I help you?" Max grunted.

"I hope so." Polaris muttered.


"You've got an interesting look, let me make you a portraite. They're cheap, I promise."

"I don't have any money." Max shrugged. Polaris caught a glimpse of the man following him out of the corner of his eye.

"Uh... That's alright, you can owe me. I could use the practice, anyway." He lied.

The End

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