Birds: The Gaebrille gets shot

Originally posted by Longsword on February 23, 2009


Roy sighed as he walked into Terrut City and glanced at the Opera House in the distance. The Opera House had recently started undergoing renovations and kept Roy out of a job. Luckily, Roy's boss was reasonable enough wire a weekly salary into his bank account as compensation until the renovations were complete. Still, he missed the job. Not only for the increased pay, but for the various performances.

Roy glanced down at a small notepad that had his grocery list written on it and decided to let Duke and Spark loose for a moment. The two Pokemon appeared in front of him out of their Pokeballs slightly confused as to why their trainer let them out in public.

"I forgot to ask you what you wanted for dinner tonight."

"Pi-pi!" Spark waved.

"Yeah...well, we can't do anything fancy until I'm back to doing my job again."


"You like it. Besides, tea is good for you."

Duke let out a curious growl causing Roy to look away from the store.

What he saw next was a floating woman with platinum blonde hair. Roy's eyes widened immediately as he turned to Spark, then to Duke.

"Alright...we're definitely buying more Brekan's Citrus Blend."

Roy quickly dashed inside the market and bought two bottles of the aforementioned tea and brought them outside, handing one to Spark and opening one for himself as he sat down on the ground to enjoy his supposed 'tea trip'.

"Share that with Duke, will ya?"


"Jeez...where's the stoner music when you need it?"

The End

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