Birds: The Daemon Gamete germinates a little

Originally posted by me, on February 23, 2009


Daemon floats into Terrut City... She looks around. A small child with his mother points at her, "Mommy, Mommy, why is that pretty woman floating?"

The Mom looks over and sees Daemon, "Don't make eye contact dear, its one of those crazy pokemon researchers."

The boy starts blubbering maddly with tears coming from her eyes, "but I don't want to be fused into a Clefairy!"

Daemon looks over, "No, actually you'd do better fused with a Bonsly with that crying... I could set up a lab here."

The small boy starts crying like mad now, barely audible what he is saying. The Mom picks him up, turns around and smacks Daemon saying, "I hope your happy, I just ordered a Bonsley from Sinnoh for as a surprise. Now I'll have to send it back."

Daemon holdering her hand to where she was slapped simply says, "but really, he could learn Mimic and evolve into a Sudowoodo. Those are fairly underutilised pokemon."

The mother stamps her foot, yells at Daemon, "The nerve of you! Teasing a small child! Have you no decency!"

Daemon looks confused, "who is teasing. Many pokemon trainers would give their right arm to be fused with a pokemon. Which reminds me... do you need a right arm? I've got several."

The Mom simply stomps away, ignoring Daemon trying to calm her child down who had been extremely traumatised by the whole incident.

Daemon looks at the pokeballs on her arm, and pulls off the one marked "Kane", and releases the Budew contained in it. Daemon looks at the Budew who knew all that was going on. Kane what not impressed. Daemon looks over at the Budew, "look Citizen, your out of your ball, while we are in the city, so you cn enjoy the sites."

Kane the Budew looks over at a hobo moving shopping carts wiith a Meowth walking next to him, and looks back Daemon with a disapproving stare. Daemon shrugs and does a sort of whatever pose, and turns her head, "okaaaaaayyyyy... enjoy the sites once we get to a less seedy part of the city."

Daemon looks back and forth, "Hey, maybe we can pay them to race their shopping carts. We can have a hobo derby."

Kane looks very angrily at Daemon, and curses a "Buuudeeeeewwww...." under her breathe.

Daemon rolls her eyes and head back, "okay, we won't profit off the downfallen."

Kane nods in approval. Daemon quickly adds, "hey, we could put the profits to charity."

Kane gets really ticked off and fires a Shadow Ball at Daemon. Daemon shakes the shadow ball off, "okay okay..."

Kane and Daemon then walk aimlessly down the city's streets.

The End

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