Birds: The Gaebrille Appears.

Originally posted by Longsword on February 23, 2009


Royal McKaelan had walked back inside the grey, brick house he rented to find various empty bottles of herbal teas scattered on the brown carpet. He sighed, feeling relieved that his landlord never saw the house, preferring to have Roy mail him the rent instead.

Spark the Pichu waddled up to him holding a bottle of citrus-flavored green tea in his mouth. Roy gave him a quick glare but let him have the drink and sat down in the recliner.

"Duke!" he called, wondering where the Growlithe had gotten off to.

Roy turned back to Spark and raised an eyebrow. "What have you two been doing?"

Spark innocently tilted his head to the side, "Pi?"

"Yeah...I know you've been up to something. Every time I go to check the mailbox, you do something."


"There just wasn't any mail today. Anyway, stop trying to change the subject."

It was at that moment a sad howl was heard from Roy's bedroom. Spark nervously dropped the bottle of tea, which luckily still had the cap on.

"I'm coming," Roy grumbled as got up and made his way down the hallway.

As soon as he opened the door, Duke barreled out and began chasing Spark around the house, knocking Roy against the side of the hallway.

"Hey, stop that! You'll knock over my stuff!"

The sound of Roy's acoustic guitar could be heard crashing to the floor in the living room as the two Pokemon continued their chase. Roy sighed, shaking his head, but was quickly knocked down by Duke, who quickly realized his mistake and began to whimper nervously.


"Pi-Pichu!" yelled Spark frantically, pointing at Duke.

Duke nodded fetching the the bottle of tea in the living room and bringing it to Spark, who opened it with his mouth. Believing their trainer was out, Spark began pouring the liquid on Roy's face causing him to sputter and flail his arms sporadically.

"I'm alright, you idiots!" Roy bellowed as he sat upright, the two Pokemon nudging against him innocently. "Yeah...I'm not buying this."


"Yeah, but you two knocked me out in the first fact...didn't you cause this mess, Spark?"

Duke gave Spark a short growl as if to agree with Roy.

"Anyway, that was our last bottle of tea...and we need food for tonight. So...we're going shopping."

Why do I get the feeling I'm going to regret this? Roy twitched.

The End

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