Birds: The Daemon Gamete is introduced

Originally posted by me on February 22nd, 2009. Edited on November 11th 2009.


A fifteen year old girl was floating through the forest south of Terrut City. Not to keep that as the only odd part of this very odd Pokemon Researcher her hair was dyed a Platinum Blonde. Her clothes were rather odd too. They seemed to be made of a light blue silky material. No way could be certain how these clothes actually worked to stay on this woman or even cover up decently. However, for some reason, they did.

The floating girl pulls out a P*DA. On it is a license for one, "Krystal Spectrum. Preferred name Daemon". She looks over a letter she got. It was in the same hand writing as her rather peculiar tome that she had carried around. This peculiar, with the words, "Daemon's Notebook" on the face was generally thought to have been written by Krystal herself--as she called herself Daemon. The letter in her hands, signed, "Doctor MacKealan", stated that Daemon was to head to Cyren to deal with the issues of getting the Pokemon systems in Cyren to link to those in Kanto, after this, Daemon was to spend the next while on a vacation--doing what ever madness that Daemon could think of.

Daemon knew madness well--I mean, the Kanto incident had shown her that she was in fact the PokeGoddess of Time. I mean, why else would she levitate in this manner? As a young and beautiful goddess playful magic is just her sort of fun deal.

Speaking of fun, a young lass steps out, "our eyes met... we must battle! Teehee..."

Daemon looked the young lass up and down. She was a generic school girl beauty. Daemon knew she was much more beautiful then the lass... what with her golden blonde hair, that people often asked her what hair dye she used. She told them she naturally had platinum blonde hair, and that the roots were added in for effect. Anyways the lass sent out a Cleffa, "Go cutie-pie, you can do it!"

Daemon's P*DA identified this trainer as Tamara--though, there really was not too much more to the information given on this Lass Tamara. At least, she did not mention something about loving shorts or breaking bricks with her forehead--like a few people Daemon passed.

Daemon just burst out laughing.. "ooh this rich.. bring it back when it back once it evolves.. maybe I can fuse you into it."

Tamara pouts and puts her fists on her hips and yells, "well, the pokeballs haven't been working at all! I mean, the news has been talking all sorts of stuff on the matter. It is more than a little scary. Otherwise I'd take you out with a Rattata and Igglypuff power combo!"

Daemon starts rolling in the air laughing her ass off. She gets up, "oh wait... your serious?"

Daemon fiddles around with her pokeballs on her left arm. She pulls one off, and screams "Attack formation delta-q sandwich! Budew kill!"

The a small device on her head starts beeping, and a visor appears, Daemon says shocked, "oh... according to my homemade scanner your pokemon is..."

The young lass, more than a little perturbed at what may be a rather long running gag folds her arms onto her small chest and grimaces, "Say over nine thousand, and I pull out the mace."

Daemon looks a little shocked, "No, your pokemon's door to its heart is closed."

"What?! No! Cutiepie loves me!" Tamara cuddles up to her Cleffa, which nuzzles back.

Daemon pulls the homemade scanner off her head and tosses it aside--looking like she was about to puke, "usability on that is rather bad. Flashing red fonts on a flat bright yellow background really did not work out as well as I had theorised. I _think_ that was the cuteness meter--I am not entirely certain."

Tamara calls back her Cleffa, and crossly tells Daemon, "You're too weird to fight. I am walking this way now... follow me, and it is a can of mace in your face."

Daemon shrugs.. "her loss"

Tamara walks in the other direction--well storms off would be more proper to say.

A wild Rattata walks by... Daemon pulls out her Pokeball labelled, "Kane" which was earlier identified as containing a Budew. "Well, this modified pokeball will capture it. This will be my greatest creation. GO KANE! MY DAEMON BALL WILL REVOLUTIONALISE POKEMON CAPTURE AND TRAINING!"

Budew comes out and and volleys the Rattata with a few Energy Balls. The Rattata is starting to show fatigue. Daemon throws her modified Pokeball, one that was marked with the logo, "D" and a patent number of "TOWEN-306906-09XA401" printed onto the side of the ball at the Rattata, "Go! Daemon Ball"

The Pokeball disintegrates in the air and the Rattata runs away--even the wild Pokemon had gained word on the faulty Pokeballs, so there use was concerning to even them. Daemon postmortemly thinks, "maybe I should have actually paid attention in Pokeball theory class? Though, I am after all the Pokegoddess of Time--the Kanto Incident confirms this! My own personal pocket dimension should have worked"

The Budew, simply rolls her eyes throughout most of this. Daemon recalls the Budew, "Kane, comeback. Onto Terrut City. I am sure they need a genius goddess there!"

The End

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