Birds: The Samson help is lured in.

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"Hang in there, Aron."

The tough Pokemon was nearly beaten, still standing for no reason other than to spite his opponent: a Pidgeoto that was hardly in better condition. The young trainer gave a smug look to the other across the field. 

"Ha! I guess you're not as tough as you look, huh?" He waited for some kind of response. What he got was the same cold stare that everyone saw. The youngster's smirk faultered a little, but he shook it off.

"Whatever. Pidgeoto! Finish him with a tackle!" The bird Pokemon rose up off the ground, just enough for low flight, and soared to it's target.

"Eev! Quick attack, now!"

A light brown blur rushed out of the nearby bushes and T-boned the attacking Pidgeoto. The bird pokemon fell to the ground, demolished. In its place stood an Eevee, typical in appearance other than the cold look that emulated his master. Aron was placed back in his poke-ball, and Eevee and his master both turned to leave. They only made it a few steps before the youngster, who had been paralyzed with shock for several seconds, regained his compuser and yelled to them.

"Hey! You can't do that! It's not fair!!" He ran to his Pidgeoto, cradling it in his arms. The other trainer didn't even turn back around before responding.

"Fair is a game played by the honest. If you want to beat someone like me..." Maximilion Lockhart turned and pointed to himself, then moved his thumb across his throat. "You have to be cunning, ruthless, and willing to cheat. No one beats the bad guy by playing fair."

They heard vehicles coming in the distance, and people could be heard shouting to each other. The youngster was distracted by the noise, and watched several men in longcoats run over a hill and down to him. They noticed the boy's fallen Pokemon and went straight to him.

"Did you see a guy in a dark coat and a strange hat come through here?" The little boy nodded and pointed where Max was standing.

"He's right there." The hunters looked where the boy was pointing, and appeared confused.

"Kid, there's nobody there." The youngster turned around, and Max was gone. It looked like no one had been there in a long time, with the unkept meadow and semi-tall grass. The bounty hunters canvased the area anyway, hoping to catch the infamous killer.


Max ran through a grove of trees that quickly turned into a forest. He had no idea where he was. His sense of direction made ever knowing very difficult. But he was safe from the hunters, for now. He stopped running and ducked behind a tree to rest, with Eev falling over into his lap.

"Ok, to recap, we're lost, we're broke, we're not any closer to finding my gang, and now we're on the run from hitmen. That about sums it up, right?" He looked down at Eev, who simply looked back up at him and tilted his head. Max scratched behind the pokemon's ear, and it leaned into his hand.

"I spoil you, you know that?" Eev's tail just wagged a little in response. He leaned back against the trunk of the tree to rest his head, staring up at the small amount of light that seeped through the leaves. It was kind of a beautiful place, but in spite of it all, Max was still thinking. "I wonder how they did it."

Eev looked up at him, probably because Max stopped scratching his ear, but it felt like he understood what Max was saying. 

"I wonder how they got those hunters to believe that I did it, that I killed that lady and her pokemon. You know I didn't, because you're the pokemon. Remember?" He looked down at Eev. Him and Aron were his only real 'friends' in the world anymore, and even though he cared about them, they weren't terribly good conversationalists. 

"Oh well. I guess bounty hunters don't care about the story, just the name." Max decided to get up and keep moving. He needed to lay low for a while, and stay one step ahead of the hunters. It took several hours, mostly spent in circles, but they finally broke out into the light. Max ran ahead to a small sign just outside of the woods. In the background there was a fair sized town. The sign read: Welcom to Terrut City.

The End

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