Birds: The Schroedinger Agent's Journey Begins

Originally posted on February 20th 2009 by Eternal Berg, BSTF.


Vermil awoke home, in his bed, safe and sound. He began to wonder if it was all a dream. He could see his backpack on the table by his bed, clearly bulging from the Sun Stone he had stuffed in one pocket. He had found it while hiking the previous afternoon with his friend, Cinnabar, although he tended to call him Cin. Vermil felt groggy, turning his head from his backpack to the rest of his room. It was still cluttered as usual, the posters on the wall still showing the same TV and Movie characters that he loved. He slowly pulled himself out of bed, noticing that somehow, along with apparently falling into a strange dream, he had also been undressed and put to sleep. A strange, if slightly disturbing, phenomenon. He dressed quickly, grabbing his backpack and heading downstairs, attempting not to dwell on the night that had just passed.

“Oh, Vermil! Wonderful, you're up!” Vermil's Father, Ted, was sitting with his friend Marshall, who owned the Aurrand Pokemon Ranch that lay on the west-most edge of the island. “I was just telling Marshall here how I met your mother. It's also why he's here.” Marshall was a tall man, with sandy brown hair. He was fairly unimposing, appearance-wise, and Vermil had never really given much thought to him. Vermil's father was much the same, but had a look of Vermil about him. 

“Is he coming with me?” Vermil was a little surprised to find Marshall in his house. He hadn't seen the man for a while, and he didn't particularly like him anyway. 

“No, Vermil. You're still heading to Terrut to see your Aunt and your Mother by yourself. However, it's not exactly by yourself. Marshall here has come to give you a... present.”

“A gift, a “get well soon” gift, you see, seeing as you just had that little scrape. Although... I notice you haven't exactly come out any worse for wear...”

“I'm not particularly sure what actually happened, to be honest...” Vermil scratched his head. He completely remember what had happened, but he still was unsure where the line would be drawn between reality and dreams. Vermil's father stood up and laughed a little. 

“You just fell into a sinkhole. It wasn't very far down. Cin's mother's Roselia just pulled you out with a vine whip. I think you fainted out of shock. I'm not too surprised by it.” Marshall sighed and pulled a pokeball out of his pocket, before offering it to Vermil. 

“It's a Magby. I have a few. This stuff with the defective Pokeballs means you'd have a hard time managing to get one by yourself, so I'm going to go ahead and just give you this. Like I said, it's a gift.” Marshall laughed and pointed to the glass in front of himself. “Have a drink, go on, you look like you need it.”


“The crisis currently gripping the world is continuing as all Pokeballs not currently in use have become dangerous, with every trainer attempting to use a Pokeball to capture past the time of 12:54 PM last Friday has seriously injured the Pokemon they were attempting to capture. We'll give you more as the crisis unfolds here on Cyren News One...”


“Hey, sis, this is Saffy. Uh, I'm just letting you know that I'm leaving Genthy Island and heading for Garn Town now. I would have headed for Terrut directly, but the only Ferry going in that direction isn't heading there. I'll give you a ring from the Pokemon Centre there soon, when I get there. I won't be long... But I have good news. I found... well, something. You'll see when I get back. See you soon. Love you.”


The ferry from Aurrand Island to Garn Town was long overdue. It had stopped there from Genthy Island, but hit a stormy patch of water on the crossing. Vermil was slightly bothered by the delay, but he didn't really care. He just wanted to get to Garn. He had a pokemon, after all, and now he could at the very least attempt the Pokemon League Challenge. He felt like he'd been the last person to get a pokemon. He'd even seen a girl walk past with a Venonat and a Cleffa. A strange combination, he had thought, but more strange was that she was younger than him and had two more pokemon than he'd had at her age. 

The water of the ocean looked beautiful from the deck of the S. S. Crane. Magby looked terrified, but it had already warmed to the notion of Vermil as it's owner, a sudden affection that Vermil was both pleased and cautious about. Still, things could be worse. He could have really fallen into that cavern he had dreamed about. 

Magby growled at a bird flying past. It was probably just a Starly or a Pidgey, but Vermil could help but stare at it. It seemed so far away, so distant, yet incredibly imposing. It seemed as if it dominated the skyline, even though it was so tiny. A small bird on the horizon, like a small mark on a statue.

The End

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