Epilogue: Nearing the Beginning

While Fujitsu had a crush on Krystal when he first met her, after visiting one of Stoenn’s labs for a tour after he put him on job training, he knew that they wouldn’t get together; Roy and she seemed bound for life to begin with. Though, he could honestly say that he was happy for the two of them, his two best friends in the world, joining in marvelous matrimony. He was determined to do what he could to make their reception the best ever, so he contacted the Captain (whose name he could never remember), and through his connections he got them a gigantic luxury cruise liner, top of the line model, on which they would be spending their honeymoon, paid for by Stoenn, of course.

                The night sky was gleaming with the late-Spring sky’s stars, a crescent moon hovering over the ocean, magnificently luminescent. It was around twenty-one degrees Celsius out with a caressing breeze, blowing the salty ocean air. Somewhere off in the distance, a beautiful fireworks show was commencing in the distance, completely coincidental to the wedding. The waves were stealthy, making sound splashes against the docks, and some Dewgong were crying on a tiny isle nearby. It was all they could have ever hoped for.

                The wedding guests piled onto the gorgeous ship, taking in every one of the said details, and with signs pointing them to the ballroom, they let the party begin. There were two live bands on opposite sides of the dance floor; one was a small orchestra playing, well, orchestral music, and the other was Steely Ben, a hit pop artist, currently playing songs from one of his best albums, The Volbeat. It seemed as if both bands were competing to win control of the floor in an unsaid contest. On one other side of the dance floor, there was a fancy snack table lined with variable different foods (though you could eat a full course meal there if you wanted to). Then, above the area, there were a whole bunch of different contraptions made for producing trippy light shows for when everybody did start dancing, a good number put together by Roy, with some help from Fujitsu. The cake was yet to be seen.

                Fujitsu was hovering around the snack table, admiring the handiwork and effort put into it (though refraining himself from eating any, since he just got over his sugar high), when Krystal and Roy walked up to him and gave him a group hug. “Thank you so much, Puuk. This is absolutely perfect,” Krystal said, beaming.

                “Eh, it wasn’t really me, I just called the Captain and he did the rest,” Fujitsu replied modestly, blushing and kind of being strained by the hug. They could tell this, so they let go a second later.

                “It was still because of you that we got this,” Roy said, trying to make Fujitsu not be modest. It didn’t work, so he just gave up on that.

                Stoenn strode up by the Insanity Trio, putting a gentle hand on Krystal. “Are you three enjoying yourselves?” he asked, taking a sip of champagne with his other hand.

                “I dunno,” Roy said sarcastically, glancing and smiling mischievously at Fujitsu, “this place seems kinda dinky, if you ask me.”

                Fujitsu pouted and slumped his shoulders. “Hey, we had to search through a cripe-ton of boat places that would do this stuff and make all the arrangements for all the stuffs, and do you know how hard it was to get these two bands to play together? They were-”

                “Heel, heel!” giggled Krystal. “He was only joking with you.”

                “… Oh.”

                She turned to her brother and asked, “So, what is it that you wanted, Stoenn?”

                “Ah, yeah, that’s right! Aunt Raisin just came!” he said excitedly. This aunt must have been a favorite, because Krystal immediately got excited and went off with Stoenn to see her, forgetting about the two guys for the moment.

                Fujitsu laughed. “And so she just leaves us. Maybe you should have a secret gay relationship with me in the meantime?”

                Roy just gave him an odd look.

                “… Hey, you teased me with the dinky ship thing, so what about me? I can’t tease you?”

                “Not like that, man.”

                Fujitsu put his hands on his hips and sighed, “Well, what can I do?”

                Roy looked around the snack table and the ballroom. Looking back at Fujitsu, he suggested, “Well, you could tell me where the cake is. I’m kinda excited for it.”

                Fujitsu got all giddy with that suggestion. “Oh my God, oh my God, I knew I forgot something!” He grabbed and shook Roy by the shoulders. “You’re going to love this cake! I made it myself just for the occasion!”

                Oh crap, Roy thought.

                Fujitsu reached into his pocket and grabbed a pokeball. He threw it up and out came his Raichu, Pichu. “It is time,” was all he said to him, and apparently Pichu knew what to do because he nodded and used Agility to travel to the kitchen. Roy gave a nervous glance towards it. About half a minute later, a waiter came rushing out, pushing a huge cart with a giant lid on it onto the middle of the dance floor. He then expertly threw off the lid to reveal, simply put, the most delicious cake Roy had seen in his entire life.

A basic description of the cake would be that it was snowy-white with sparkles that made it seem that it had an intense aura of its own. The more specific details, however, are too fantastic to be described by mere words, and thus they will not be described.

                “… And you made that,” he inquired, goggling at the structure.

                “Yup,” Fujitsu replied proudly, adopting a heroic pose.

                Roy turned to Fujitsu and asked, “Hey, mind me asking what flavor it is?”

                Fujitsu spun to Roy, narrowed his eyes, and answered in a serious tone, “Cake flavor.” And right after he said that, a smaller cake shot out of the big one, of which seemed to explode, and a guitar from the pop band cried. The smaller cake plopped down on the ground, followed by applause and laughs from the wedding guests.

                Roy started laughing, too, but he stopped when he realized that that was the wedding cake. “Uh… please tell me there’s a back-up cake?”

                “’Course there is, buddy,” Fujitsu responded, reaching again into his pocket, pulling out another pokeball. “You didn’t think I’d leave you without a cake, did you?”

                He tossed the ball way up high into the air and, surely enough, an equally fantastic cake beamed out, although it was a couple sizes smaller.

                “Holy hell, man, how did you do that?” Roy asked, staring at Fujitsu with subtle amazement.

                He replied, crossing his arms, “I dunno, man. It’s kinda complicated.”

                “I’m a technician, remember? I think I can handle it.”

                “Oh yeah. Well, you see-”


                The two of them turned their heads to a couple of feet in front of them. There they found the cake from the pokeball, splattered on the ground.

                Fujitsu nor Roy said a word.

                “I see that you two have been busy,” said Krystal, walking back up to them, looking at the two piles of cake (the first one was already being cleaned up). She took and held Roy’s hand, smiling.

                Smiling back, he said, “Well, I don’t think there’s going to be any cake. Are you okay with that?”

                “What do you mean, ‘no cake’?” Fujitsu said, confused. He gestured to the splattered pile of cake before them. “There’s some right there!”

                “But... it’s on the ground.”

                “That doesn’t mean you can’t still eat it.”

                In demonstration, Fujitsu took a plate, knife and fork from the snack table, cut out a section and plopped it onto his plate. He took a bite of it and smiled. “Mmm… tastes just like cake.”

                The newlyweds just shook their heads as they heard a giggle. Somewhere down the table a magnificent-looking woman was stealing glances at Fujitsu and giggled.

               Roy grinned at Fujitsu. He went up to him and whispered “Hey, it looks like you got yourself a lady fan. A real looker, too.” He made a subtle gesture to the woman. Fujitsu’s eyes followed.

               She indeed was a handsome young woman. Pretty curvy figure, deep green eyes, naturally great looking eyelashes, long, flowing brunette hair, what Fujitsu thought to be a sweet ass, and lastly a very bountiful bosom. Fujitsu’s face flushed.

                “Oh my God it’s a girl,” he stated, quickly moving behind Roy, despite being taller than him. “Hide me.”

                Krystal asked, “Oh, come now, Puuk, how old are you?”

                “I don’t know, I lost track!” he replied urgently. “And I don’t know if I can act properly around girls!”

                Roy put his arm on Fujitsu’s shoulder. “Hey, if she’s lucky enough to catch the bouquet, she could be marrying you in the future…. Shut up, Ego, I’m sure Fujitsu’s not a stripper.”

                Fujitsu bit his finger. “Wait, the future? You mean… with jetpacks…?” he questioned curiously in a hushed voice.

                “What need would we have for jet packs?” inquired Krystal, tilting her head.

                Fujitsu got giddy again, and said. “Dude! Can’t you see it?! If we waited a bit longer to do your wedding, we could have done the entire thing over Mount Attara with those things! And we could have done an aerial show, too! And everybody would be like ‘p-WOOOOSSHH!’ It would have been awesome!”

                “Your imagination will never run dry, will it?” Roy asked, reaching for a fancy cup of gelatin, though it was more like a statement.

                Fujitsu scratched his head. “It hasn’t already?” He heard another giggle and jumped.

                “Argh! I forgot about her!” Fujitsu half-cried. He started searching through his suit for something that most likely would have “saved” him. He didn’t find it.

                Face-palming himself, he whined, “Damn it! I forgot my Escape Rope in my other expensive suit!”

                The woman broke out in laughter. She covered her mouth in an attempt to make it less obvious, and took the second line as a cue to exit stage left. The second Fujitsu peeked back at the spot she was before, he calmed down. “Phew, I thought she would never leave…. although I really wonder if she actually found me funny or was just laughing at me.”

                “What I am wondering is why you have an Escape Rope in a different suit,” Krystal said, taking a sip of water.

                Fujitsu replied, pulling a Charleston Chew from seemingly nowhere (but not doing anything with it), “Well, I forgot which suit was what and put it in the one that I play football in. It’s my most expensive one, too.”

                “Hey!” called a voice from a couple of yards away. The trio looked in that general direction to see a man with a large camera set strapped to him jogging towards him. He seemed exhausted. “I’ve been looking for you guys. You didn’t hire me for nothing! Now hold still, I need a couple of group photos of you.”

                “Will they be in sepia?” Fujitsu blurted out.

                The guy looked at him funny. “I don’t know, I mean, if they want them to, then yeah.”

                Fujitsu gave a puppy dog face to the couple. “Please?”

                Roy scratched his head. “Well, I mean, it wouldn’t hurt to do a couple of pictures like that, but why?”

                Fujitsu looked unsure, which was saying something, seeing that he was always sure of himself, even when it involves something he says being most likely improbable. “I dunno…. It just seems right, you know? I just can’t explain it. Maybe it’s to make a cheesy moment or something.”

                Roy looked at Krystal, who only shrugged. “I imagine six would be sufficient.”

                Fujitsu immediately hugged the two of them. “I will forever be in lesbians with you guys.”

                “Please, guys, I know it’s your big day and all, but could we hurry up with this?” urged the camera man.

               In response, Roy swept Krystal off her feet, picked up her and gave a wide grin. Krystal started giggling at the action.

                “Uh, hey, you, ponytail-guy. Smile normal. This ain’t a freak show,” the camera man ordered, his camera already set up.

                The newlyweds took a chance and looked at Fujitsu to see what he was doing. His smile involved really curling the corners of his mouth like the Grinch and sticking out his lips as far as they could potentially go. He noticed the two of them staring at him, so he decided to dance some strange country dance. Roy and Krystal gave away and started laughing, which, in turn, made Fujitsu crack up. Which in turn made them crack up.

                The camera guy smiled and shook his head. “A gimmicky wedding cake whose destiny is to be ruined, four-hundred pokedollars. Having your reception on a cruise liner a day before it was supposed to arrive, one-thousand pokedollars. Capturing an honest-to-God moment of happiness with your best friends….” He clicked the shutter button, and looked at the digital results on screen with glee.

                “… Seven pokedollars and ninety-nine cents. Plus ‘tax’.”

The End

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