Epilogue: Time of Your Life

Stoenn paced back and forth in the foyar. The ceremony was going full on schedule--which is why Stoenn was stressed out. Checking his pocket watch, to see if everything was on time--he grumbled about him being more interested in this wedding being perfect than his sister. Stoenn looks at the watch, no idea why he started wearing this manner of time piece. Just an image of the penultimate man he somehow had in his head. Like one of those characters from those old sepia looking films.

Shaking his head, "RING BEARER!", he runs off--to find the Ring Bearer playing with his youngest sister. If Krystal was trouble, Kochanski was catatrosphe. Kochanski planting her hips glares at Stoenn with a glare that could stop tanks he thought, "I still think I am a little old to be a flower girl!"

Stoenn turns to Virgil Gelb, in full Ring Bearer outfit, on schedule, good, "heh--bet you do not remember Kochanski that well. You two were play mates when you were little. Until our parents moved to Towen and now to Kanto. We moved around a bit due to dad's service in the Military."

Kochanski pushes Stoenn out of the room--which was mostly just created by sheets draped as partitions. The ceremony was in the Terrut Opera Houses. "You, get! I am catching up with Virgil!"


Kochanski was sitting next to what she could only describe as a charged man. Like some additional current was on him. Like one of the radiations in her sister's lab. "So, you do not remember our games? We had some silly game based on a Tv show. One where they took a legendary history figure, known for never dying. Being there, all the time, and yet, never when you need him. The Sepia Film Gentleman, I think the series was called. Took a REALLY liberal view of history. Some of the stuff they pulled in each period... well, it was a very liberal view of history. We played it--made our own characters for it."

Virgil, looking shy--and a bit weirded out by what Kochanski claimed, "who did you do?"

Kochanski laughs and blushes, "I was the Red Russian. Leader of the Soviet upstart, that seemed to have more knowledge than it should of events. I was the leader of the psychic group. Silly, right? We were just kids at the time. Well, we still are--but we are more mature than that stuff."

Virgil looks up, "who was I?"

Kochanski pouts, she never understood his character at all. He was weird, "you were nobody. Literally a complete and total nobody. You explained it well--I think. I never got it... I was more worried about the bath time afterwards--you'd not believe how hard it was to get the mashed in leaves out of my hair."

Kochanski starts to feel out her hair. Cut shorter now--in more of a pixie cut. Then it was down to her bum. Bath time was always horrible due to those leaves she got into it. Being the tomboy she was, and all.

Virgil looks at the journal he had been keeping--one that Kochanski had looked through--the lock was not that hard to pick. He also likely did not expect the person to have a black light when doing it--so she knew he did not put a hair for a book mark, or anything. Kochanski kind of wondered about those dreams he had.

Gave her a new insight on her overly protective brother--she guessed. It also kind of explained that he really did not remember her at all.


Roy was standing at the alter. In a full on monkey suit. He had his hoodie under the blazer. Stoenn seemed to insist on bleaching his hoodie white. Noting that it probably was the only way to properly clean it from who knows what filth on it. Roy's hair had been combed, and he was looking at what had explained to him as his "channeler antibodies." He could not explain where or when he learned about Ego, Logic and Id--but he knew it had something to do with his sister's death, and his inherent channeler abilities.

Roy slouches a bit--thinking of the talk his mother gave him after his sister came back from the dead. Something about the Void, the Origin and that which takes things lost, that which puts things in their spot--and how channelers were helpers to that. Roy found it weird and out of character for that speech. Roy looks at the Pokeballs on his belt, his Slowking, Growlithe, Pichu and Polytoad--Waffles, Kane, Spark and Hypnotoad, respectively.

Part of how the antibodies worked, is they took bits of his identity--Ego took his pokemon trainer identity and ran with it. He wondered which of the three--or maybe a fourth or fifth one--that took away his memory of first meeting Krystal. He could never forget her. His mind kind of made some wild and crazy dreams about her--it was rather odd.

"THE CROWNING OF THE POTATO KING HAS COMMENCED! The journey to the center of the donut shop--GiAnT BrOcOlli TrEE oF DOOM!" came the cry from the Best Man next to him. Roy kind of knew he had repressed him meeting with Captain Insanity here for this first time.

Roy turns to ask, "how much sugar did you have?", only to find his mouth filled with Eclares and other of the fancy things Stoenn seemed to insist are served. Fujitsu, seeming to pull candy corn out of nowhere, screams, "CaNDy CoRn VampIRE!" putting the candy corn in for incissors. Roy laughs--Fujitsu had a wonderful imagination. Roy grabs Fujitsu's shoulder, and moves him away from the high sugar foods.

Fujitsu straightens out a bit, "I never imagined I'd meet the rest of Team Temporal Teh Mad-n-three-ess Trio here! one! one! one! eleventy one! I just was at the Pokecentre doing my usual travelling--to help sick and injured pokemon."

Roy blinks--that statement was a little too close to his really really weird dreams. "Go back to the Candy Corn Vampire thing. I kind of liked that use of imagination better."


Krystal was in her suite getting fitted with the dress. Her teacher at the local university, Prof. Debbie P.--a rather doubtfire figure--seemed to be helping her get dressed. Who better to help her get into clothes than somebody who knew the clothing better than she did? The dress had a rather tight fit to it.

Prof. Debbie P, in a voice of a woman much older than she herself was, "sorry, I destroyed that notebook of yours. Seemed an interesting cryptography. Who knows what secrets it kept--and then in your freshman year--I seemed to completely destroy it."

Krystal giggles, "yeah, I hated you for years--as I was certain that you intentionally destroyed it. The pyrotechnics, hot coffee--"

"Those nasty poochyenas."

Krystal giggling more pulls out the single surving sheet--a map of Kanto, "this one I never got. It has odd names for each of the cities."

Krystal looks at it, with Saffron labelled as Sacha. Vermillion as Virgil--a name held by one of Kochanski's childhood friends. Cerulean as Sabastian. Pewter as Paulus. Fuschia as Frankie--Stoenn talked with a Frankie. Viridian City was labelled "Vincent". With a dirty note about an italian designed V1 Rocket and "insert Tokyo Fireball pun here sometime."

Debbie looks at the one sheet left of the Deamon Notebook, and laughs, "colour trace side effects. Lovely!" laughing a bit and goes back to doing up Krystal's hair.

Krystal blinks--vaguely understanding what Debbie said. It seemed similar to some of her night terrors she woke from screaming. She never had any memory of them at all. Just a cold sweat. Like she had gone through some of the worst torture she ever knew--and the feeling of sudden nakedness. Krystal wore heavy flannel pajamas that seemed to make the sweating worse--just to get over how naked she felt at the end of the dreams.

Stoenn had asked her about some of the screams she made in them--Krystal had no idea what he was talking about. Krystal had found out, that Stoenn had roughed up some of her old teachers, relatives and what not--kind of concerned if they had done anything to her. The nightmares really concerned her really over protective brother.

Krystal looked at the pokeball at her side. She only carried with her the Lopunny that her brother gave her to help keep her safe. It was a Buneary then, and now it had evolved. She had her Roserade and Haunter in storage. Her Ralts had been missing for a few years--and for some reason, she kept checking for a Staryu, or Starmie or Starus she never ever captured.

Stoenn shoves his head into her clothe partition, "you're on!" before running off, like a torchic with its head cut off.

Krystal steps out, to meet up with her father--who did one of the weirdest ways to groom himself possible. Since finishing his service, he had joined up as a professional wrestler. Grew his hair and beard long. No idea what happened in his time in service--except he did have correspondance with a Surge fellow. Krystal cannot say she fought a war--but it appears to be at least as frightening as the contents of her nightmares.

Krystal put her arm in his, as they stepped up to the alter. "So, Krystal, Surge mentions your research with Hastings and Krane have appeared in some PTSD therapies. I am so proud of you--not certain why you are looking into Shadow Pokemon so much... but hey, your results show you must have some damned good intentions, right?"

Krystal giggles, "you suck at telling me I am beautiful, dad."

Krystal steps into the room. Done up with the fixings of the legendaries. With pairings of Resharim + Zakrom, Dialga + Palkia, Mew + Celebi, Groudon + Kyogre, and Lugia + Hooh. In amongst them were Psychic Devil Figures + Leafy Harlequin Images. Trying to indicate a duality concept. Krystal ignored that all but Lugia and Hooh were part of trios--not duos. That Lugia and Hooh seemed more like rivals than friends. That she really had issues putting Mew and Celebi together. She did not that the books seemed to force it in, by proxy of some psychic devil creature, and his friend the leafy harlequin.

Prof. Debbie P. seemed to be more than interested in fielding her rants against these ceremonies--and the inconsistancies presented thereof. Mostly how it seems the psychic devil creature--who appears created to be feared and hated, and the leafy harlequin seem to too easily be put to blame. People can be bad on their own. The do not need a clown to dance them into doing it. They do not need to be psychically manipulated into doing it. Though, Krystal did admit her professor did play what she called "harlequin's advocate" too much.

Krystal looked at the man she was to marry. The man who was to complete her. A tear came to her eye. Her story was not over--it would not end for a while... but the rest of it would at least be very happy. She did not understand why--but this Roy appeared as a transfer student (in the wrong uniform--trying to fake acting natural... and constantly picking the panties riding up). He then seemed to woo her, like he already knew her, but needed to win her over again. It was his idea to have Stoenn take care of the planning.

She had already won awards--she still had yet to complete her degree to become Doctor. However, only he was able to make her feel like she was the best person.

It was him who made her feel like she was the best. Like no one never was.


AJ and Jessie were sweeping up stuff outside the Opera House Chapel thing. They say Stoenn storm by, "why?! Why did he refuse the limo. What an odd phobia. My sister should not need to go off in that station wagon. Good fuel consumption or not. Where did he even find that car?"

Stoenn then storms off. AJ and Jessie just look around--all the guests had left. AJ looks down at Jessie, "you know--you never talk. For some reason, I remember you more out spoken."

Jessie just looks at AJ. AJ then looks over at the chapel, "you know--I can think of some use for this church setup thing."

Jessie turns his head over to AJ, AJ walks in, "we are gonna party like it is 2029!"

AJ tilts his head, shrugging at the year given, and follows him into the church to being partying.

The End

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