Epilogue: Dear Friends


It's been six months now since I first starting having those dreams. Dreams of another me, another place... Dreams of a life I could have been living. I've managed to track down all but four of the people in my dreams – real people, all of them.

Sacha Willow is indeed the sister of Professor Willow. I met her by accident when visiting my aunt. I started having the dreams a day before we met, so it's pretty conspicuous. I haven't told her, though. She and her sister are doing good work, and I'd like to know more about it. I don't want her to think I'm weird.

Max, the former gang member turned hero was found dead. Seems like after he went into hiding, he started making money in underground fighting rings. Easy money for someone like him. Something went wrong and somebody pulled a knife. Police are investigating at a leisurely pace. He seemed happy in my dreams. I think he was heading for a downward spiral that only the end of the world could have stopped.

Stoenn Spectrum took Max's death pretty hard. The reason it was in the news was because apparently the pair of them knew each other. Stoenn's assistant Laura refused to comment, but a few people have come forward claiming Titan Co. was looking for fighters as test subjects. Maybe that was how? Still, doesn't explain why Stoenn took it quite how he did.

Hari started a support group for psychics that forsook Richtog Vale. Pretty soon after, news of their experiments created a scandal that brought their order down for good. He became something of a saint overnight when his group stepped in to fill the void. His sister, Caylee, was on a list of the dead after a depressed and drunk president of the Lystra Centre burned it to the ground.

Wehc, better known as Mark Sebastian, was killed. His death implicated Vice-President John Weiss and CEO of Rocket Logistics Stephen Schwarz. The Government was largely unaffected but Rocket underwent a major change when Vincent Giovanni took over as CEO. The papers all call him 'Don', and he's been pretty publicly denounced by the Pokemon League of Cyren.

Simon's still on tour, but I raided his old room last week. There's a bunch of letters between him and the Pokemon League. Guess he really must be the league champion.

Speaking of the Pokemon League, Oak left to return to research. He's studying the cultists at Garre. Which is cool, I guess.

Polaris, or as the rest of the world knows him, Hugh Chapman, won all sorts of awards last month for his debut film, and he took a few moments to talk about his brother, Schwarz. The effects in the film were all done by that company that Professor Bill Paulus, Sr., owns. He's the one who runs the Rabata Laboratories as well. I hear they're doing a lot of work on the box system.

Frankie's the spokeswoman for Silph Co. now. She's always enthusiastic on the ads, but sometimes she looks like she's missing something. I guess it's only in my dreams that she was Irving Sepia's faithful sidekick. A lot of these people seem to be living lives similar to where they'd be after the whole Team Temporal thing anyway. I guess the difference being they got there without a war. Maybe it did all happen, and this is the universe is righting itself.

Speaking of which, I can find a few traces of him throughout history, but nothing specific. I guess he really was a time traveller. Krystal Spectrum's name pops up here and there too, but nothing about her other than a list of awards. There's even less on Roy and Fujitsu. I guess we'll never know.

Well, I fell better for having written this down. It feels less real, somehow. Like a story. An impossible story where the world was saved and nobody knew it. I dunno, Journal, what do you think?


Virgil Gelb, Aurrand Island, 27th December, 1985.




Some say that in the beginning,

When time was new,

Six gods waged wars in threes,

Until one finally won.

But they do not know the truth,

That when the war came,

Not one won the battles at all,

But none, and lo:

All were put to rest.

The End

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