Self: Aspect vs. Aspect


“Get back here, you coward!” screamed Daegre, decimating a wall to get into a room that Darkitsu had rushed into. Cold, sharp shrapnel flew everywhere, even hitting Daegre (although it did next to nothing, if anything). Darkitsu was ready for this. He used a skill that created shockwaves throughout the area, deflecting everything around him. Fujitsu cackled gleefully at the chaos.

                “Maybe next time you shouldn’t be in a ship that isn’t justice, office!” he laughed haughtily, putting up a mystically transparent Cleric shield to defend his body from an Ice Beam from Daegre. Darkitsu was honestly surprised by how he could defend them successfully and still have the time to be crazy.

                Darkitsu moved swiftly around the shield and dashed to Daegre, swinging the flat side of his ax at her; however, she psychically grabbed it and swung it to the ground, Darkitsu along with it. Unfortunately, that was a bad move on her part. The second he landed on his weapon’s shadow, it was as if he teleported into Daegre’s face, slugging it, with all his might. No matter how strong your psychic defense is, a metal punch to the face is a metal punch to the face.

                She was knocked to the ground, stunned for a couple of seconds. Darkitsu took this time to ask Fujitsu a quick question. “Hey, Nut, you know how this ship was falling and everything was tilted and dark.”

                “A wizard did it,” was Fujitsu’s simple response.

                “But that does-” Darkitsu tried to answer, but Daegre was still able to recover easily from his punch, and fired a Hyper Beam in his general direction. It hit him head on, and he was blasted to the outer hull of the air craft, barely able to grab the hole in time. The armor actually seemed to remain intact.

                Fujitsu grinned. “Well, what do you know, the tin foil does, in fact, protect our nuts.”

                “This armor is made out of mythril, reinforced nine times!” Darkitsu bellowed over the howl of the wind. “It isn’t anywhere near that weak!”

                Making a pouting face, Fujitsu responded, “But I believe it to be tin foil, so therefore it must be!”

                “Argh!” Darkitsu tightened his grip on the ship. His strength proved to be too much for it, however, so in result, the part he was clinging onto gave away, and they started plummeting to the Earth. Fujitsu was delighted by this, knowing full well what the danger was. Darkitsu started swearing his ass off.

                Next thing they knew, though, they had landed on a smaller ship, already being grabbed by a couple people, despite being out of the craft. The body had closed its eyes upon impact, so neither of them knew who or what they landed into. Darkitsu took a chance and opened his eyes to process the situation. Holding onto him were a couple of Dragon and Bird Aspects that were on his side of the battle. One of them, to his left, was actually Zapillion, who was grinning at him in reassurance. It was kind of hard to tell, though, what with the beak and all. He vaguely noticed two Celebi Aspects circling around the general area.

                “YO!” came a yell to his right. He snapped his head to that side and noticed a Rayquaza Fujitsu Aspect grinning like mad down on them.

                Fujitsu beamed back and returned the “YO!” Then, as soon as he finished that, both of them made a “SHH!” sound. Darkitsu grimaced. He didn’t need this right now. A screech sounded from above them. He looked up and saw Daegre flying towards them, his ax in her hands. He didn’t need that right now either.

                Darkitsu speedily barked at the two Aspects. “Back off, you don’t want to be near us when she comes, but stay close, I need your shadows!”

                They abided by his order, and hovered above him, making sure that they cast a good enough shadow for him to stand on; it was hard enough standing in this gale, even with them. Yet for a brief moment, a cloud hovered over the ship, casting its own shadow, so Darkitsu didn’t have to work as hard to stay on.

                That is, until Daegre broke through the cloud and smacked downside the head with his weapon. As she was going to chop his head off, Zapillion used Thunderbolt on her. She dropped the ax in shock, but it wasn’t very effective. She used Ice Shard on the Zapdos Aspect in Godspeed. Normally it’s a pretty weak attack, but when she used it, she might have used Ice Beam. It was super effective!

                Zapillion may have dropped, but the Rayquaza Aspect swooped down and used Dragon Claw on her, wrapping himself around Darkitsu. She evaded the attack, but got a full blast of his Dragon Breath. It didn’t damage her all too much, though when she tried to move, she was really slow, sometimes her movements stopped altogether.

                “Godly paralysis, Raykitsu!” Fujitsu complimented the Aspect. In response, he fist-pumped excitedly.

                “Hey, would you mind?” Darkitsu grunted to Raykitsu. He understood and released him, returning to his hovering; the cloud had long gone. All for the better, Darkitsu thought. This way he could see how the battle was progressing.

-The Vermillion-

Hackers were working hard on their attempts to restore communications to the ship, but to no avail. It wasn’t until they took a break that they returned. Captain Hyperion immediately pounced on the opportunity to get a status report.

                “Well, Entei has engine fires, Raikou has electrical shorts, Suicune a coolant overflow,” responded Bruno. “Not to mention that Groudon needed a water landing, Kyogre one on ground.” He went on for about another minute going over the ironic damages made to the other ships. Hyperion resisted the urge to laugh.

                “And all of these were caused by the VINICTI?” he asked, lighting a pipe.


                Hyperion sighed. “Somehow I get the feeling that they weren’t caused by misfires…. Where is it, anyway?”

                Bruno scratched his head and replied, “Well, that’s the thing, it just disappeared. Flew up, never came down.”

                “What has happened?” came a voice from another monitor, opposite of the one Bruno’s feed was coming from. Krystal’s face blipped on a second later.

                “Ah, Krystal, where have you been?” inquired the Captain, suspicious and turning his attention to her.

                She said, “I was taking care of the Porygons.”

                “… Porygons.”

                “Yes,” she confirmed, nodding. She explained how there was some munity that had to do with Porygons disrupting the response speed of the fleet. It apparently was fixed with a Daemon Ball, but not too much detail went into that. “Thankfully I noticed the static at the Memorial, and was able to act on time.”

                “Wait, you were at the Memorial?” Hyperion asked quickly. “I could have sworn that you were on the VINICTI.”

                Krystal tilted her head in confusion. “No I was not. Why would I be in there?”

                “But I got a call, and you… and… but….” The Captain stuttered, trying to make sense. He realized what happened a couple of seconds later, and so did Bruno.

                “Looks like we fell for a disguise,” he said.

                “Yes, yes, I know.”

                “Question is, who was it really?”

                “Captain!” the First Mate called. “The VINICTI has returned!”

                Hyperion perked up. “Is it attacking?”

                He responded. “No. In fact, it’s falling and being attacked itself!”

                Everybody turned to another monitor (Krystal and Bruno looking at their own) and watched as the VINICTI reappear, indeed going down, and several ships circling it in fast motion, some explosions popping up.

                “What in the name of…” began Bruno, a laugh from Hyperion cut him off.

                “Well, well, Darkitsu. I guess you were right,” he said, wiping his forehead. “Gotta remember to thank him.”

                Krystal got confused again. “Wait, Darkitsu? Did he not betray us?”

                “I’ll explain in a bit. For now, let’s just focus on the mission.”


“You are killing them!” Daegre screamed, launching Darkitsu back into the VINICTI along with some psychic attacks. “Your actions are killing them!!”

                “Mine!? What about everybody that got in your way? You never cared who was in front of you!” Darkitsu bellowed back after stopping himself in a corridor. He deflected her attacks with his shockwave attacks and some of his original shadow-based moves.

                “It’s because of YOU!” She rammed straight into him and knocked him into another office. A couple of Aspects were already fighting in there, and he flew into the ones on his side.

               Daegre blew up the wall and levitated into the room, charging an attack in her hands. Darkitsu could feel the power. The more unstable she became, the stronger she got, the less her limitations became. It was evident that she was already stronger than he was, as shown on his now-battered armor, which probably wouldn’t hold up to this next attack.

                And just as she was about to fire upon everybody, a shadow grabbed her by the arm and violently flung her into one of the walls. Hard.

                Darkitsu spotted a pair of eyes on the ground and smiled in relief. “Thanks, Bobrai. You saved me there.”

                “Not a problem,” he said, casting the thanks aside. “It seems it’s easy for me to give her my all. All I have to remember is that she’ll never compare to Daebi in any way, and the rest is history. Got to know her a little more during a ‘Hot Night’.”

                Darkitsu gaped at him as Bobrai winked and smiled mischievously. “B-but…! That’s our SISTER!”

                “Darkitsu, when are you going to understand that we are not really related like that?”

                “But… but….”

                Daegre finally interrupted them and howled, “That is IT!!!” She picked herself up and glared a hole in everybody in the room. “I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS ANY LONGER. ROYA! CHANGE THE SHIP!”

               Immediately after that, the interior started to change. The walls melted, and everything became a whole lot darker. After everything became pitch black, the floor became a luminescing violet. The area seemed to go on forever. What was more was that every single Aspect that had joined the battle was transported to this strange place. In the middle of it floated Daegre.


                Darkitsu was breathing harder than she was. He knew that her stability had dropped quite a bit. Even with the Aspects help, he wasn’t going to win, mainly because most of them would be battling her Aspects. And yet, he couldn’t give up. Not after all he went through. He was going to grant his brothers and sisters a good life, the life they deserved. To do that, he needed to help save the world, and to do that, he needed to defeat Daegre.

                And he knew just who would be willing to help.

                “These won’t be my final words,” said Darkitsu, grinning, “but I’ll entertain you.”

                He reached into his armor and pulled out four balls. Four pokeballs. He threw them high in the air and Fujitsu warmly called out, “Go! Hitmontop! Pichu! Flurry! Delcatty!”

                The four pokemon shot out of their containment units, ready and raring up to fight.

                “You must be really desperate,” Daegre scoffed.

                “Or maybe we just believe in them enough,” Fujitsu retorted, a mad grin occupying his face.

The End

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