Self: Taking the Bull by the Horns

Darkitsu sighed and crossed his arms. He knew the ship was going to crash, but he'd rather have it done sooner, rather than later.



He and his group began smashing everything immediately after Bobrai returned (who had brought some sort of "electronic defacer" that didn't do what it was supposed to do, whatever that was). The operators escaped with much gusto when they realized what they were trying to do, melting the ice wall and, for those who didn't ride the elevator, jumped down the shaft.

All for one and one for all, Darkitsu blankly thought. He hoped that, being his "brothers" and "sisters", they would get out okay. On the other had, explosions. That seemed to calm him down a good amount. Smashing his ax against oversized machinery, watching it set on fire, and smashing it again put him in a really good mood. He vaguely thought that he might have remembered this from somebody's nightmare. While the notion of him enjoying that was kinda sickening, he supposed that deep down he would always be like that. Still, he'd change that.

Zappillion was taking his sweet time, shocking different pieces of equipment in a pattern of sorts, as if he were conducting a song or something. The result was admittedly a very pretty light show, of which he made sure to end with a loud "BANG". Even though he was only watching it, Darkitsu felt satisfied.

Bobrai, on the other hand, was just hitting his useless machine against another seemingly useless machine. Only his arm stuck out of his shadow, and it looked like a skinny stick.

Then there was Gianicuno, sitting on one of the seats, pushing a whole bunch of random buttons, in hopes to get some interesting effects out of it. All that she managed to do was turn a cappuccino machine on maximum and made the overhead lights explode. She was very disappointed.

The ship, by then, was beginning to rock. The spies were doing their job, and well. Darkitsu was able to tell that they were dropping, slowly, but surely. It was bound to pick up in a minute.

That's when Gianicuno decided that she was through with whatever buttons she was messing with and used Sheer Cold on the control panel. Only a few seconds afterwards everything started to spark in the room (possibly the whole ship) and everybody was thrown back... or, in this case, fell down. Darkitsu felt a rapid rising sensation, being pushed against the wall by the elevator shaft. He was able to shift his head to the side so he could glare at Gianicuno, of whom was right next to him.

Seven minutes passed, and the rising situation stopped. Darkitsu was able to stand normally for a full three seconds before falling to the other side, right into a burning machine. They were dropping this time, and fast, too. And just when he realized it was happening at normal speed, he felt everything slow down.

"It seems like the Palkia Aspects recovered," Bobrai said. "Anybody got a T.V?"

Darkitsu sighed and crossed his arms.




"I hope you are enjoying yourselves," came a thoroughly pi**y voice from above.

Darkitsu didn't have to look up to know who it was. Just hearing Daegre's voice made him freeze. Yet he looked up anyway.

Daegre and her group of Aspects were levitating overhead. The only light in the entire room was from some scattered fires that were leftover from the smashing; it only made her look all the more intimidating.

"And just what are you wearing? It is like a costume a scared child would wear," she scoffed. "But perhaps that is what you really are."

Darkitsu yelled, "Please, Daegre, would you stop all this! This shouldn't have happened in the first place."

She twitched and retorted, "Fujogre should not have died in the first place, either. And yet you allowed that to happen, therefore I will allow _this_ to happen."

She opened her mouth and immediately fired a supremely overpowered Hydro Pump. Darkitsu barely had any time to react when it hit his area, shattering what walls or ground was left. There must have been some sort of effect added to the attack, because there was massive suction coming from the gaping hole when there shouldn't have been, or, at least, Darkitsu thought. It wasn't a problem to him, since he already merged with the remaining shadows in the room, as did Bobrai. This wasn't the case with everybody else, however. They were all thrown out of the room and into the sky below like rag dolls, screaming bloody murder. Except for Daegre, of course.

"No!" Darkitsu yelled, reaching his arm out of the shadow, as if he could catch them. He turned to Daegre with fury. "Why!? They were our brothers and sisters! And you just tossed them aside as a scapegoat or whatever!"

"Hmph," she "hmph-ed". "It is no matter. They can all fly. They will live."

This only infuriated Darkitsu more. "But it's the damn NOTION! It's like you don't even care for them!... You don't, do you?"

"Why would I? They are not our real family to begin with. I had only one brother who was even remotely close to being family, and you killed him."

Darkitsu's mind snapped with rage. Fujitsu's mind was getting all giddy from excitement.

"Hey, Daegre!" he yelled. "You wanna kill me, right!?"

This got her attention. He smirked. Then, he pulled down one "eyelid" with his middle finger and stuck his tongue out.

"Then come an' get me, you unstable wh*re of a b**ch!"

The End

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