Self: Stop, Drop, Do a Barrel Roll

"Oh, come on!" Darkitsu muttered. Sitting in front of a CAM unit, he was repeatedly banging on the screen, attempting to get the signal to transmit (amazingly holding its own against his gauntlet). Obviously it was not working.

He glanced to the side of him, where a Zapdos-based Aspect lay, messing around with an open panel's circuitry. "Hey, I would kinda appreciate it if you would hurry it up, Zappillion."

Zappillion sighed and shook his head. He ruffled his spiky feathers and raised his head towards Darkitsu, replying, "I'm doing the best I can, Dark, but the problem has to be from a different source."

Darkitsu cursed as a shadow came up to him. White shining eyes appeared in it as the shadow took a more Darkrai-ish form. "Uh. yeah. Seems like the guards are saying that Daegre's doing it. For some reason."

Cursing again, the Aspect quit his action and shrunk into Zappillion's shadow, not even needing to say that it was time to move on. The other two Aspects silently agreed and snuck off to only heaven knows.

The corridors themselves were very basic: unforgiving metal plates, some scarce steel doors with pass-code readers, small signs telling you what they were for, and then the elevators and stairways. There was the occasional guard, but they were disposed of very quickly through double sneak attacks by Darkitsu and Bobrai. There were even some already unconscious patrolmen, compliments of the spies of the Aspects of Darkitsu's side. Of course, they only came across them when they were just finishing their handiwork; the spies had to be quick.

When Darkitsu's team had been sneaking around for twenty minutes, apparently getting nowhere, Zappillion called for a break.

"Alright, just how big is this friggin' ship? It shouldn't be anywhere near this big," Darkitsu said, taking off his helmet, his face gleaming with sweat.

"You need me to see what the guards are saying again? Seems like the only thing I'm good for," sighed Bobrai, still keeping to his shadow form.

Darkitsu waved his hand dismissively. "No, we'll figure it out, and no, brother, that is not the only thing you're good for." He leaned on his ax, still a good amount on edge, work of a couple of day's anticipation and anxiety.

Then he suddenly stood straight up and Fujitsu's voice asked, "Hi, guys, whatcha' doin'?"

"OH, GODDAMNIT." Darkitsu half cried, half whimpered, face palming himself. "Did you really have to wake up?"

Fujitsu replied, "Well, you need to have a buffer man with you, don't you?"

Darkitsu needn't reply.

"Wait, maybe we could ask the crack head what's up with this place?" Bobrai piped up.

"Launch your questions unto me!" Fujitsu said taking a stance as if he were going to catch them. "What do you need to be answered?"

Zappillion responded, "Well, we just noticed that, while this ship is a good size, it shouldn't be nearly as big as this is. What-"

"Alteration of space," Fujitsu speedily and bluntly said. "I believe that there might be a couple of Palkia Aspect trained specifically to multiply and perhaps loop the space in a certain noun, and seeing that we're in a ship filled with Aspects, I'm surprised you haven't considered it."

Everybody was plainly baffled by how he responded, even Darkitsu. Fujitsu hadn't even known what the situation was for five seconds and he got that solution out that quickly.

"The hell?!" Darkitsu sputtered out.

Fujitsu laughed embarrassedly. "Well, see," he said, "the very thing that made me insane in Darkrai's dimension was that it tried to increase my intelligence to maximum and taught me a whole bunch of things. I'm probably one of the smartest people alive right now, but I'm trying to play it down as much as I can. Does that bother you?"

Darkitsu only garbled in disbelief of this impossibility.

"Well, it kinda makes sense, actually. I think I heard that the smarter you get, the more likely you'll be driven insane or something like that, right?" Bobrai recalled, shifting around.

"Let's... just keep going... to the control room," Zappilion muttered, eyeing the Itsu-body warily.

Bobrai replied, "But it seems that we don't know how to get there."

"Oh, yeah."

"If only we had a map," Darkitsu grumbled, putting his helmet back on.

"You mean like this?" Fujitsu inquired, pulling out a map from nowhere.

Nothing could be heard for minutes. Then Darkitsu risked saying, "Are you our personal Deus Ex Machina of Hell?"

"I DIDN'T CONJURE THIS CONVENIENT RULE-BREAKING MAP FOR NOTHING SO USE IT! NOW!" Fujitsu screeched, his voice magnified and echoing wildly throughout the corridors. In mere moments the sound of at least ten pairs of feet were heard.

Let the cheating commence.


=Five minutes later- Control Room=


The group didn't even wait for the elevator doors to open, they blew it open.

"Daegre!" Darkitsu bellowed. He was met with a whole lot of operators controlling the flight mechanisms, but not the Aspect he was searching for.

He strode up to the nearest Aspect as a new member of the group, Gianicuno, was closing the gap where the doors were with an Ice Beam-like attack. He grabbed it by the ring around its neck. "Where is she?" he inquired.

The Crissellia Wehc Aspect replied boldly, "Elsewhere, doing what's actually right, you fat pile of s**t."

Darkitsu immediately flared up and was about to yell at him, when he noticed something on the monitors. Explosions and missles were firing in about times 0.5 speed. Maybe slower. Team Temporal's fleet of air ships attacking and maneuvering slowly in front of them.

"It seems that the VINICTI is battling them," Bobrai said for Darkitsu, merging in with the Wehc Aspect's shadow.

"And you can't stop it, either," the Aspect said, smirking, "The only way is to override the codes, and only we know them. We won't give 'em over to you either. So what'cha goin' to do?"

Darkitsu paused. He wasn't willing enough to beat his brothers to get those codes; he didn't even want to hold one of them like he was. Fujitsu probably would be able to crack the codes easily, and yet he didn't want to do it that way. Too easy. Too boring. Good thing he thought of another way. He smirked, having fun with just the idea itself.

Letting go of the Aspect, he walked to some railings and looked down at the brothers and sisters who where operating the machinery and watching him at the same. "I think I know what I want to do."

He turned to Bobrai. "Hey, you wouldn't mind sending everybody a message, would you?"

"The message?" he asked.

"Destroy anything important looking," Darkitsu replied, smiling in anticipation. He turned back to the railing and stood strong, grasping his ax. "This ship is going to drop like a rock."

The End

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