Self: Flustered, Confused

The large screen for Hyperion's craft when full on st-tic. "Mister Christophe, what the devil is going on!?!?" he bellowed to the people on the bridge.

A young man next to a computer console turns, and looks at Captian Hyperion, "Hyperion, sir,  first, its Johnson, we've been over this, second all communication is out. We are deaf and blind!"

Hyperion looks up at the screen, bewildered, "What just happened with that Spectrum girl?"

A man in a Team Network uniform who just was made aware of his presence on the bridge, "I dunno--I am more wondering why Krystal did not head to the Memorial."

Hyperion just flails his hands at the screen and slumps down, "Either way, clear up all this static. We need to get communications up again."

"Right away Captain."

Hyperion just looks up and around, bellowing, "And somebody, fetch me something to drink. Even with my indoor voice, I am getting parched."


Krystal sits down infront of the memorial, "my ears have been ringing so hard they are burning."

Wilhelm still fudging with his radio trying to get a connection, "Still static--we cannot update our position."

Howard just jumps onto Ninetales motioning for Zoroark to follow up the side, "either way, we press on--need to figure out what is in here."


The video screen down, "Krystal" removes her disguise, followed by a few other Aspects. "Right, we will only maintain this cover so long--BTW, Long, and Morris are dead once we come back on. Start engineering weapon misfires. We are still a prototype. It will allow a few test fires, and not cause any major issues."

Daegre looks down at the deck, "Mewri, Raymil and whoever that Blacked hair girl is.. Purpledos? Pinkdos? Whatever, update me on how much time we have for communication blackout."

Daegre thinks a bit thoughtful for a bit, "Why do I keep thinking I forgot something. Like I left a burner on, or something, or a coffee pot--and this tower will burn down. ... That is probably some latent aspect nature coming up. Like every single thing based on Krystal taking over everything. That Void Girl, Daebi, and of course, me--who will not fail like those others did."

The blah uninteresting Zapdos girl looks up, "Communications arrays out for a few more tens of minutes--they are handling the Porygons quite well."

Daegre yells, "Right weapon misfires people! While our systems are still considered prototypes! The Porygons are our current metric on Team Temporal!"

The End

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