Self: From the future past.

Krystal was rattled up infront of the video screen she had set up. Hair out of place and what not, "guys, everything is good. I am the one in charge of this VICTINI. Well... no... not quite."

She looked down below in a form of main foyer area, Roy gave the thumbs up, and Captain Hyperion's Mug showed up on the main screen.

Krystal lifted her hand to move a lock of red hair on the right side of her head behind her ear. "We got control here. Seems since Lady Kiss Void's termination, and the death of the Daemon Army, their computer networks have been in sheer disarray. Give me time to enter in and find out stuff. Howard Long and Heather Morris will be in charge of the VICTINI."

Krystal lets out an exhausted sigh, "the explosion of the Uxie Unit killed Wilhelm--I have briefed everybody on the systems."

Hyperion looking confident, "the genius sister of Stoenn Spectrum for you--Krystal Spectrum. HAHA!"

Krystal shakes her head, looking at the floor directly in front of her. "perhap you should be more worried about how I know the workings and operations of the VICTINI." Krystal pushes a button, and pages of the fully annotated, decrypted and translated Daemon's Notebook appeared on the video screen.

Krystal snaps in a near complete bark, "this notebook, the one Daebi gave me when I was five years old. The reason I took to learning how to be a Researcher, the one that has the hand writting of a woman past her fifties from a time beyond now. The one with various technologies, lists and dates of when they are released--including a few ones with my name next to them. The one that was taken from my person at the same time they made Lady Kiss Void. Has been fully translated, decrypted--what have you."

Swearing came in from the other line, an encrypted voice only transmission of Stoenn shows up, "find out about the Zakrom, and Reshiram units. Do what you can, scour their networks."

Roy, obviously talking as Ego just stands up, "I have a plan, so brilliant, I am tickled pink."

Roy walks over, putting on head phones, and pushes several buttons on the keyboard. Krystal saw his buffer was filling with a Perl 5 Jeph style code. Ego was showboating. Then after pressing enter, Krystal starts looking at what the file system logs were doing.

Krystal's Jaw drops, "Porygons... millions... of... who do this?"

The End

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