Self: The Storm.

Mister Vice-President, where is President Weiss? Surely he should be conducting this emergency meeting.”

The President is occupied.” Schwarz sat before the assembled civil legislature of the nation of Spectrum, emotionless.

Then I'll begin. The only way to come out successful in a conflict such as this would be to strike first. Towan's forces are advancing upon us, we have to act now.” An ageing general spoke to the room. He was brash and forceful, and Schwarz admired it somewhat.

We still don't have confirmation that they are indeed Towan's forces. Intelligence suggests that they're a private militia, which will mean that as a force they'll be small enough to thoroughly rout without diverting any attention away from our peace keeping efforts.” A younger man, the plaque in front of him informing Schwarz that he was minister for agriculture.

I have a better idea.” Schwarz said, coldly. He reached under the table and removed a small black box, tapping a few buttons that made it quickly buzz to life. It began to hiss as the men around the table slowly started clawing, coughing, croaking, doing their best to breathe. Schwarz simply sat back, still expressionless.

What... what have you done?” The agriculture minister slumped over his desk, his final breath spluttering out as a hoarse, constricted sound.

My memories tell me those were fairly cliché final words.” Schwarz stood and walked over to Polaris, who was stood in a corner, watching patiently.

A bold move, removing the leaders.”

I can't risk anyone hindering our efforts to revive Arceus. Not even those who should be working for us.”

Fair enough...” Polaris headed for the door. “The time grows near.”




Captain Hyperion! The CROBAT systems are operational!” The sound of a pilot came over the Vermillion's speaker system. Hyperion gestured for the displays to show the battle unfolding. A wave of Zapdos Valkery Ships had been surrounded by CROBAT mechs. Designed in the early stages of the impending war with Towan, CROBAT and FEAROW mechs assessed incoming threats and in the case of the former, attempted to contain them. FEAROW mechs would then dispatch the contained enemies. Hyperion watched in horror as the Zapdos were ripped to pieces by an incoming wave of FEAROW.

Oak! Do something about those mechs!” Shouted Hyperion. Oak registered an affirmative and sent his Moltres ship to the scene. A hail of bullets rang out as he began to slowly dispatch them. All around them, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres ships emerged from the hangars of the Raikou, Entei and Suicune. The CROBAT containment strategy, although effective in smaller numbers, was not adequately equipped to handle the scale of the onslaught. Hyperion developed a grin as another warning came over the speakers.

Legendary Warning, Straight Ahead!” The voice cried out, slightly panicked. Ahead of the Vermillion, a Lugia and Ho-Oh were approaching fast. They were darting past the smaller ships, heading straight for the flagship. The two moved in jerked, sharp motions, the metal collars around their necks suggesting far more than simple commands.

Hyperion braced for an impact that never came. The Lugia was knocked out of the air by a well-placed strike from the Rayquaza. The Ho-Oh, on the other hand, preoccupied itself with the Groudon. A volley from the Kyogre dispatched the Ho-Oh quickly, but damaged the Groudon in the process. The Ho-Oh's body fell from the air quickly, metal and bone falling away.

Watch where you're firing that thing!” Shouted Hyperion down the line. His first mate stepped forward. “Is that a Cyborg legendary?”

I'll keep watch around the Groudon to make sure nobody takes advantage of it.” Cinnabar's voice crackled over the intercom.

Wait, Cinnabar! On your left!”

Where? I can't see-”

The sound cut out suddenly, and Hyperion lowered his gaze.

Status report on Zapdos class fighter Island.”

The Island was hit bad, sir. It's heading straight for the Government Buildings. 3... 2... 1... Collision. Island has struck the main complex. Structural damage detected.”

Life signs?”

Unavailable due to damage.”


Tapping his pen on his desk, Giovanni sighed. 

"Remember our deal. I fight on your side from the inside, with our dissident Rockets. You, in return, make sure I'm immune from prosecution."

His monitor showed no picture, but the audio sighed. 

"Of course. Full immunity. You won't need it, but that's what you'll get. Now, where can I put you in the battle?"

"At a moment's notice we can be in the fight. We're all waiting for your command."

"Well, get to it then! I'm about ten minutes march from your location."

The audio cut out as Giovanni grinned. He'd been given a free ticket, and he intended to use it.


Giovanni turned to a grunt, whose new variation on the uniform - plain place with a simple R on the front - pleased him. The new uniforms weren't due to be unveiled for another week, but he had made sure his dissidents had received them. 

"Sepia has given us the go ahead. Get out there and let everyone know that as soon as we hear fighting, we start clearing out anyone not fighting on our side."

"Sir, if I may..."


"Do I have time to say goodbye to my wife? In case something goes wrong?"

"Of course. But make it quick." The man turned to leave, but Giovanni continued anyway. "There's a nice girl I knew. In Pallet Town in Kanto, of all places. If it weren't for all this, I'd probably be with her now... Still, never mind."

The man finally left as Giovanni rose from his seat, adjusting his coat. He was in for a fun afternoon. 


Sepia's suit jacket blew in the breeze as he discarded it. Behind him, the entire forces of the army marched. Fel's mountainous surroundings meant they had to launch a single front assault, a fact he wasn't entirely happy about. Squirtle company began to break formation, diverting to a circular route that lead to the Tower. Max waved his hand, and Bulbasaur did similar, splitting into smaller groups in an attempt to cover more of the city's ground.

They were met with resistance quickly. An Entei leapt upon Max's forces, but found itself unable to hold back the sheer force of twelve pokemon launching attacks upon it. A Suicune attempted a similar tactic on Lance Sr.'s contingent, only to be literally pulled from combat by an unexpected Dragonite's Seismic Toss. Only the Raikou made an impact, taking out Bruno's Tyrogue with a Take Down maneuver that left it open to three simultaneous Rock Slides.

Welcome to the Fel City Government Complex, Civil Division.” Sepia spoke to his forces, eyes dead-locked on the doors in front of him. “No running, no shouting. Please keep out of restricted areas. Tours on the hour.”

He stopped dead and pointed in front of him, a Roar of Time coming as a response that shattered all the glass on the building's imposing edifice. As the crashing stopped, he resumed his forward march.

No photography, no theft, no espionage.”

He turned his attention to a large staircase.

Enjoy your visit.”




Captain! Unidentified coming from over the mountains!”

I see it!” Hyperion stood, limping slightly. His bionic limbs were degrading quickly due to improper treatment. He winced slightly with each step, and his face was slowly bearing the signs of a man in pain. “Intel?”

Seems to match a prototype weapon. Our information suggests it shouldn't be at combat level yet – designation Vertical Integrated Command Tower, One-N-One.”

VICTINI... Hm... I can see moving shapes around it, any confirmation.”

Scans indicate that they are functional Uxie, Mespirit and Azelf units.”

Launching attack on new target!” The radio crackled as the message came through, and Hyperion leapt forward.

Somebody stop him!”
Azelf unit down in one! Sweeping around for-”

Feedback rocked the speakers as the assaulting craft was destroyed. A red ring of fire extended around the former location of the Azelf, slowly destroying anything in its path.

Damn... Patch me through to all units.” Hyperion said to his first mate, slowly lumbering back to his chair. As he sat, a microphone was brought to him. Breathing deeply, he began to speak.

The craft heading towards us is a VICTINI class Battle Tower. Initially believed to be incomplete, we have since learned first hand that it is in fact active. Floating around it are two more units, Uxie and Mespirit, both of which will explode upon destruction destroying anything that is not the Battle Tower. They are constructed from an alloy of primarily unknown origin, the remnants of which can be found around the world in ruins known as Seats of the Beast which is highly combustible. Suffice to say, this is bad news. A Battle Tower is a passenger carrier, and its appearance can only mean that if it reaches Fel City, it will be overrun with enemy troops. I... I realise that what I am about to ask is a lot... however, I feel it must be done. I ask for two volunteers to destroy the remaining units, while the rest pull back. Those remaining units will then assault the VICTINI Tower. Many of you will die. Many more will die if we do not do this, however. I leave it in your hands, men.”

The faces of Rowan and Birch appeared before him, projections on the monitor. A silent nod was exchanged, and Hyperion closed his eyes. The ship hummed its normal hum but, for an instant, it began to rock and shake, before returning to its humming. As Hyperion opened his eyes, he saw the familiar trail of the explosions, and a clear path to the VICTINI.

All units... Fire on the VICTINI.”

His first mate began to signal him, and Hyperion turned to face him.

We're being hailed by the VICTINI, sir!”

Put it through.”

A familiar face appeared on the screen.

A little hasty, aren't we? Especially when I was just getting somewhere with this arcedamn ship.”

The End

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