Self: Spawning Distractions

Krystal was taking the scissors to her robe again. Roy grabbed them her. Krystal nearly roared at Roy, then sat down in a heap, "right-guess nothing else is happening as it should, why would this?!"

Roy sits down next to Krystal and asks, "what is wrong?"

Krystal responds, "I early and she is late... I mean, she is early and I am late."

"Wait... what?"

Krystal turns and looks at Roy, "remember how Constant was, when she was me? Remember that where she was from, it was not to happen for at least another year?"

Roy perks an eye brow, and then realises what Krystal was saying, "uh, I thought the protection would stop it."

Krystal growls, not happy to admit it but, "right, we are at war--I started missing one... a few days. I have been rushing around, I kind of missed it. What else have I missed? What fatal element in our strategy did I miss?"

Krystal stands up, not in any way showing, pointing towards the bottom of her stomach, "I mean, maybe just maybe this was not the only thing I missed. Maybe everything will explode in midair, in a large fire ball, for what? Because I wanted to be held! I SHOULD NOT NEED IT! I SHOULD NOT NEED TO KNOW A MAN'S TOUCH!"

"You did not seem to not need it last night. I mean, you do not go five hours with that look on your face for something you did not need. You do know how silly you look, right?", Ego interjects, doing his best impression of the look on Krystal's face during their romance. Just resting on Roy's right shoulder.

Krystal slumps down into a ball on the ground. Roy somewhat shocked, and still sitting next to the until recently standing up Krystal, "have you checked? I mean--maybe you uh? are syncing to uh?"

Ego jumps in to continue, using Roy's mouth to make it audible, "What I mean to suggest, is that there are a few female members onboard. Working as a team. Maybe you are all working in the team in that way too."

Ego stops speaking for Roy for a bit, "besides, we so totally pulled out in time. I got this under control." and just floats there triumphant.

Id just eats the bowl of noodles, "see, and this is why we ignore Ego's comments in that area, like good people."

Ego just looks insulted as he glances at Id, "hey, who is the brains here. Who raised Roy's wonderful monsters."

Logic who had just been standing on a railing simply says, "well, as we all know, the whole point of Pokemon Breeding and Training, is that they do not reproduce in the process."

"Thank you, Logic, as you can..." Ego waves his finger, just realising he tried to agree and continue an argument that disagreed with him.

Roy shakes his head, "have you checked, are you sure?"

Krystal shakes her head in despair, "how? how? I do anything to confirm, and everybody, from the Vermillion to each of the Zapdoses, Articunos and Moltres will know about this little scare. More importantly, they will know I missed this.... what else did I miss?"

AJ pops his head out of a nearby doorwar, "oh, hey, our quarters is out of toilet paper."

Krystal and Roy just glare at him. AJ looks in the room, "see! Told you'd I'd get the evil glare of death. You were the one that thought spicy food night was a good night to load up on bran muffins. Like you need to watch your girlish--" AJ just looks back at Krystal and Roy, and slinks back into his room, with a set of shouting about, "great all over the floor--and not even from the same end. You do not even get motion sickness either, buddy. Just stop being sick all over."

Roy and Krystal blink and look back and forth. Roy offers, "any mistakes you missed, we blame on them, and we try to hide your pregnancy for now."

"Oh nasty! When did you have hamburger! I do not even remember you eating this!" Came from the other room.

Krystal sighs, "I think my Dad just has them in the room next to ours, just because I had worried him sick, and this is the best way he can think of to get revenge."


Wilhelm was standing guard to a door. Heather slinks down the stairs. Heather had her hair in one of the more higher fashion items of the time. Nose pierced, with a slight chain to her ear. In full uniform, apart from the peircings. "Every wonder what they keep in these rooms?"

Wilhelm answers, "nope. I just guard them. And know the people not allowed in, or to know what is beyond these doors."

Heather Morris tries to shuffle past Wilhelm, "come on, we should see--it is irritating how e tournament winners are not allowed into a few sets of rooms. I mean why would they--"

"To protect your fragile psyche."

Heather turns and gasps a bit--seeing what she though was Howard Long, a bald headed man from the orient, "oh, Zoroark--you scared me."

"Howard Long" phases into Zoroark, and jumps aside, followed by Howard and his Ninetails strolling around a corner. "Trust me, Morris, what is in those rooms, will hurt your brain, more than it took for your Seviper and Zangoose to work together."

Heather leans up gainst Wilhelm. "he is doing that creepy thing again."

"And you ma'am are doing that invading of personal boundaries thing again. If you want, maybe when I am off duty. However, Mr. Long's does argue you stay out. I do not care if it is for his reasons. You stay out."

Heather stomps past a few Team Network guys--who had kept their own uniforms, while running around the Vermillion, the Rayquaza, Kyogore, Groudon, Entei, Suicune and Raiku. As useless as those uniforms were on here. Heather completely not interested in talking to anybody.


Roger takes Johnny aside, in their business hours clothing. Urban Camo really meant nothing here. Heather Morris seemed to storm by. Angry at not being allowed to see the cloning rooms. Roger says, "they do know there are KSPs of the tourmament winners, right?"

Johnny just sighs, "the clone are hastely made. Hell, Stoenn had a fit when he saw them. He really does not need to have the others make a similar fit. In battle, they will be deployed, then, after the battle, we will explain the issues."

"BTW, what is for dinner?"

"I think they have that chicken dish again."

"Oh, hey, lets grab that then?"

"It disturbs me how you seem to prefer Mess Hall chicken, to the real thing."

The End

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