Taking one last drag on his cigarette, Max walked over by the dock where Captain Hyperion's ship. Flicking the cigarette onto the dock, not bothering to stamp it out, he looked at the thing. An old-time cruise liner ship, by the looks of it. Time had certainly taken its toll on the thing, there were a couple of holes spread throughout the outer hull. The top, anyway; any holes on the bottom were well-sealed, so much so that it seemed like there was never anything there at all, like time had never laid a finger on it in the first place. It was pretty rusty, too, though it seemed to mainly hang around the bow. Once again, the rust had been taken care of near the bottom. Max guess that he was taking care of the more important parts of the ship first. Though he could have sworn that the bow was just as important.

He heard some foot steps coming up from behind him and tensed up immediately. He turned around and relaxed his body: it was only the Captain. Although there was some white noise in the background that remained. 

"So, how do ya' like her? She's a real beauty, ain't she?" he said jovially, taking out a pocket watch from within the confines of his coat, proceeding to mumble about something that Max didn't catch.

He answered, "Uh, not really. Kinda dinky, if you ask me."

He brushed the criticism off quickly, even making a physical gesture as to suggest it. "Eh, to each man his own, am I right?" He looked back up at the ship. "Though, when I'm through with this thing, first thing I'm doin' is sailing it by your place."

"Do you even know where I live?" Max inquired. The white noise was getting louder, becoming somewhat coherent, but he still had no idea what it was.

"Prolly nowhere, but that never stopped me before," he laughed. "Hell, I even found my half brother who lives by Petalburg City in Hoenn without knowing where he lived."

Max wasn't quite interested in that at the moment, so he changed the subject, gesturing to the liner. "So, what's in that thing anyway? And didn't you have another ship?"

Hyperion answered, pointing vaguely to the far out curve of the land, "Well, yes, I did have another ship here, but it's docked somewhere else."

"I see. But what's on this ship?" he pressed.

"Well, that's a surprise, and I hate to ruin surprises, so would you mind it if-"

"RING RING RING RING RING RING RING RING--!!" sounded an abnormally loud voice. For a second Max could have sworn that it was devil spawn; the voice itself was in G-Major.

The captain tucked his cap down half over his face. "Speak a' the devil..." he mumbled, striding towards the passenger steps, which were setting themselves up for him. Most likely he installed some control features on the ship.

Max made a move to follow him, but the old man called, "Stay right where you are, boy. I'll come back in a few, just sit down." He disappeared almost immediately into the confines of the cruise liner.

The location that he was looking for wasn't very far from him. Just a corridor or two to the left, actually. In no time he wound up in front of a janitor's closet, taking out the key for it even before he was in its corridor. The "RING RING RING" was unbelievably loud here. Without hesitation, he threw open the door.

Inside, the source of the abnormal ringing was a full suit of dark knight armor that looked like it was having some sort of seizure. It was somehow managing to cling onto a rather large axe, looking as if it were trying to aim it towards its helmet.

The captain sighed. "Dernnit, what's that geek saying again...? Ahm... 'moshi moshi'?"

The suit stopped its seizure and responded, looking at the ground, "Hello, you have reached Fuji Corp's Super-Special-Awesome hotline. Please hold while we acquire somebody to speak with you."

Silence took place for a few moments, then the helmet slowly turned to face Hyperion. "... Is it finally over?" asked Darkitsu's very small and drained voice.

"You know he's just trying to speak with ya'," the old man said, giving a sympathetic smirk.

The suit got up and shook him slightly at the shoulders. "He's been driving me bat-s**t crazy for months now. Why on Earth would I want to talk with him?" he whispered.

"It's probably just excitement from the events and his hyper old self. It'll blow over once this is over." 

"I sure hope that you're right about-"

"RING RING RING RING RING RING!" yelled Fujitsu's voice, though it was human-sounding again.

The defeated Aspect gave in, throwing his arms up in frustration. "MOSHI MOSHI, GODDAMMIT!"

"I still say that we should get some LEP Recons to help us." Fujitsu said in a dead serious tone.

"... Leprechauns don't exist, Fujitsu," Darkitsu sighed.

"Then how do you explain The Book?" The armor took a small notepad in the shape of a small book with the words "THE BOOKE" written on it with crayon from seemingly nowhere.

Hyperion put his hands in his coat, saying, "Well, this isn't so bad."

"This is him on a good day, trust me," Darkitsu nearly begged.

"Anyway, you've still yet to tell me how exactly this whole thing with Fujitsu's consciousness went. And why don't you take that armor off, it must be hot as hell in there," the captain suggested, gesturing to the body.

The helmet shook back and forth. "I'm not taking this thing off, not after what happened with her," Darkitsu told the old man.

Fujitsu added, "And as per the explanation.... Maybe in the sequel."

"WHAT SEQUEL!?" the Aspect cried, tortured. "And before you defend him, he's been mentioning this 'sequel' for at least a month now. I have no idea what he's talking about! I HAVE NO IDEA AT ALL."

"I'm going to randomly rest my spirit now," Fujitsu said immediately, following by the body nearly toppling over, then picking itself up at the last second.

"... Is he asleep?" the captain asked, looking warily at the body of armor.

"Yes...!" Darkitsu breathed with relief. "Okay, maybe I can get some freaking peace.... So, how is everybody doing?"

Hyperion answered, taking out and looking at his pocket watch, "Last time I checked, most of them were just fine. You sure they're up to this?"

Darkitsu nodded. "I think so. I have complete confidence in them."

"And are you sure that she's goin' to be there?"

"Positive. Hopefully Fujitsu's Cleric buffers'll help me. Being a Berserker ain't all that easy. Now, if you don't mind, I would like to take this blissful time to sleep."

The armor pushed the captain out of the way and slammed the door shut. The old man took this as a good time to leave.

When he finally met back up with Max, he opened his mouth to say something, but the captain interrupted with a, "Don't ask," and walked straight past him to get some new info on the battle plans.

The End

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