PS/TT:WoO TAS: Birds

An 8bit image of professor Oak appears on the screen, "Hi and welcome to the world of pokemon. Pokemon are our companions our friends. They help us when in trouble. And sometimes--"

Vermil who had falled to the bottom of a pit yells is an agonised voice, "a little help, I am in pain here."

The image of the 8bit Professor Oak continues, "right... now that is just indiginant. Now, suck it up wuss, Are you a boy or a girl!"

Vermil gets up, and stumbles up the stairs, "I... I am a boy--seriously, some medical help here."

The 8bit image flashes again, "And, what is your name?"

Vermil in anguish screams, "Veeermil!"

The 8bit image floats super imposed on the stairs, "Now, to take the adventure. To end the loop. To bring us the large amount of plot inconsistencies, and just general lack of any sense, take the middle stairs."

"But I do not--"


Vermil finds himself waking up in a bed. "I had a terrible dream, and... none of you were there. There was a cave--and a rather annoying man who did not let me walk places I wanted."

The large man, "here is a Magby. Go become a man!"


You, the viewer, are about to be subject to a long series of little to no sense. Screen shots are flashed across your screen of confusing events with an army of red headed woman, highly unlikely trains that operate on holographic rails, Daebi flying around, and a man in a suit and bowler hat riding on a Dialga. All done to the song "I Will Make you a Man", from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

You may want to ponder a bit, if this really is the series you want to have any knowledge of. The cheesy film quality should assure you, however, abridged, it should be fine. You may want to consider if this is the actual case.


Krystal Spectrum, voiced about as inappropriately as possible, is floating by Roy Spectrum, "so, as the viewer contract states, we are the official shipping pair. So, if I kill you now, we get out of the rest of the show."

Roy answers, in a snivelly voice, "But how do you plan on--"

Krystal screams out before a loud and large explosion fills the room, "DAEMON BALL!"

The explosion appears to have settled the two in front on Prof Willows lab. Krystal and Daemon walk in, to Vermil protesting, "but--but I won a gym battle! Why do they get the camera time?!"

Max stands up, "because, nobody cares about you. You are the catalyst that continues this dreadful series. If we could cut--"


Max is standing in the Rocket Prison, next to the cell with Polaris, "MYSELF DAMMIT!"

Polaris looks up, "oh, hey, I am totally not a trained actor, trying to pretend to be your friend. Rescue me!"

Max looks over at Polaris and grabs him, followed by another scene change.


Max looks around, "what? How the heck do you think I beat the God of Space itself? Do not worry, I will be greatly defeated by was essentially is a bad dream."

Samuel Oak jumps in, "oh, hey--do you want to get eaten by Moltres?"

Krystal states, "well--it would case this horrid mess of a story to end early. I can go and possible make something of use for society. Like a law to neuter and spay stupid people."

Budew pops out of her ball, "it is what I did to Krystal. Thank you Bob Barker."

Max looks over, "isn't Krystal getting pregnant a major plot point?"

Prof Willow yells with a calm, "time to be hungry Moltres."


Team Temporal had found themselves in a parade to be eaten by the Moltres. With their new friend. Hari just grumbles, "I just show up in the wrong studio. Honest. I never wanted to be part of this."

Out from the shadows some eyes gleam, "Oh--but Moltres cannot eat them... for, I has a hungrier appetite."

The dark form, some kind of hideous ghost appears, "Lunch time!"


Team Temporal finds themselves free from the trap with Moltres, though running for their lives, "what the heck happened? We were going to end the plot, when that... that thing tried to eat us."

Hari yells, "oh, that is Carmen--yeah, sorry about that. Ex-girlfriend. Died of obesity and must forever walk the earth eating everything she can see."

Max just runs through the forest, "run you fools! Run!"

They all arrive back to Prof Willow, Saffy and Felicia in what appears to be a struggle. Hari just lets out the line in the gasp and shock, "giggity goo! Jackpot!"

Samuel walks in, and just states, "meet us at Team Rocket Headquarters for a bit--I am going to shove you over the edge."

Vermil cheers, "hooray, no more plot!"

Samuel looks a Vermil, "and, you! NO GRASS! No... no walkie!"

Vermil slumps down in a bit.


"Okay, the roof of Rocket Co." Max announced.

Krystal just makes the bold statement, "the pacing here--it leaves much to be desired."

Samuel just shouts, "IMMA FIRING MAH LASER!"

Then some weird looking scientist comes in, and scrapes the goo off. "Aha! Plot residue! I shall use this to force the plot to continue in its most weird and silly way."

Samuel looks over at Felicia, "damn it, you are fired, for having let P out. Do you know that the plot is inescapable now. Though, we may still do it. We may still end this series, and let the viewers do something constructive with their lives--anything..."

P chimes in, "Like watch old episodes of Lucky Rabbit/Bounty Hunter?"

Samuel crosses his arms, "bickering in forums about vi vs. emacs would be a better time than this."


Max lowered his arms, "okay--we are now at the Pokemon Resort--we are free from the plot."

Krystal looks around, "why are we inside a room?"

Hari points out, "and why are we in the middle of some hawt twin actions?!"

"Duck and cover!" Roy shouts as he somehow dives out of the room.


Max clearly trying the most with his powers over space finally places them at a mountain, "okay, nothing can happen to cause the plot--"

Max and Team Temporal turn to have Prof Oak and Veroh showing. Krystal just curses, "daughter of a KSP!"

Max just shrugs, "well, I am out of tricks."

Then a man on winged dog appears, "would you all like to die, in a firey explosion in my power plant?"

"Hellz yes!"

Hari shouts, "finally, some tail for me! No more plot!"

Krystal cries, "yes! Now I can pursue something a bit more intelligent--like a Friends all season marathon!"

Roy whimpers, "I can get out of this story that will have me questioning my main psychological issues--mostly as to why my attraction to Krystal seems to indicate an attraction to my sister and Mom."

Fujitsu shouts, "but... wait... nobody knows who I am?"

Vermil comforts him, "they do not know me either."

Polaris cheers, "yeah--no super evil double cross pokemorph for me!"

Weiss just looks at Polaris, then at the rest, "just follow me to the next chapter!"

Roy asks, "but wait--Sepia is not here... and dying at the beginning of a chapter?"

The End

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