Gods; The Mission: The Overdue Entry



Fujitsu's body sneezed. Darkitsu jumped up, surprised and startled, partially a side effect of his sudden arousal from a sleep he'd barely started, but mainly due to the impossibility of the situation.

 "... What the hell...!?" was all he could squeeze out of his mouth. He stared at Fujitsu's body. It was completely lifeless.

Darkitsu took some deep breaths to calm himself down. It helped a surprising amount. He sat down on the floor and started meditating. After a minute or two, he opened his eyes and stared at the body. It was the same. Lifeless.

After a couple of seconds of thought, Darkitsu reached the only plausible conclusion. Though Fujitsu wasn't mentally aware, his nose still became agitated and sneezed automatically. Might have been a stretch, might not have been. Simple. 

He stood up and levitated towards the barrier.

Where was Daegre? Wasn't she going to end him? She said that she would "make him suffer the consequences." Was she toying with him? Did time just flow more slowly in here? Did Rocket capture her? Or was she trying to get him to think about Fujogre?

Darkitsu looked down, a sad and dark look spreading across his face. Fujogre. He was able to keep any thoughts about him at bay for the longest time, giving him a false sense of peace. Daegre's appearance seemed to make sure they came crashing at him. He closed his eyes, wincing.

Then opened them back up in resolve. He knew he couldn't let himself get depressed. He had a duty to fulfill. He had a promise to keep. He couldn't afford to waste any more time. However, in order to do that, he needed to first get out of this prison. The Aspect touched the barrier, regretting it a second later. The barrier gave a strong shock on contact. Darkitsu jumped back in surprise and pain, flexing his fingers to make sure that there wasn't any serious damage on his hand. 

He attempted to flex. No movement whatsoever.


That wasn't going to slow him down. He found a spot with a noticable shadow and attempted to merge with it. He closed his eyes.

A couple seconds later, Darkitsu opened them back up, only to find out that nothing had happened. Why? Since Daegre was bent on killing him, though it made him wonder if her powers were amplified from being here or something, or if she had just gotten more powerful.

He really, really hoped that wasn't the case.

Darkitsu gave an exasperated grunt and kicked the wall. What was he even doing here?! He left Rocket Logistics of his own accord, but right now he was regretting it. At least at their Aspect Institute he would have been safe. Hell, if he'd been there, he could have stopped Team Temporal. But what would it have done? Could it have solved the entire problem? They _were_ supposed to destroy the world, anyway. Was it possible to stop it now?

He shook his head vigorously. What was he thinking? Logistics was doing much more harm than good, even if they were trying to save the world! Though, if he were to go back now, he would be in less danger. That would have been nice. At least then there would have been plenty of grunts to sacrifice to keep him....

The Aspect froze his thoughts right there. "There would have been plenty of grunts to sacrifice..." To be used as a meat shield, cannon-fodder, pawns for him, a no-good coward of a being. Wasn't the reason he fled Logistics in the first place because of his craven behavior? The reason he's thinking of escaping of Team Temporal now? He set his head against the cold, metallic wall and shut his eyes, his resolve fading. Why was he even born?

... To serve Rocket Logistics, was his answer. Darkitsu opened his eyes back up and saw a chilling expression staring at him from within the wall. Serving Rocket Logistics was exactly what he was born to do. Some of the feeling was returning to his hand.

The servant pushed himself away from the wall and stared at the barrier. His mind was in a lock now; he couldn't make a decision other than to escape.

He levitated towards the door to his prison. He shrugged it off. Sooner or later, he knew, he'd make a choice. And he would stick to it, no matter what.

Somewhere, somebody was getting insanely giddy over these turn of events.




“So you guys think you got what it takes?” Max asked a small group of people. He and the group were standing in the middle of a dirt practice field for pokémon battles, in the middle of the night. It was located deep within the forest.

A young woman with red hair spoke first. “You’re sure that you’re not a pot head?”

“C’mon, give this guy a break, Hon,” replied a notably older man, gently grabbing her shoulders, his bald head gleaming in the moonlight.

“Well, I won’t agree to anything unless I know all the facts,” she shot back, folding her arms over her large belly.

Some glasses shone as the owner adjusted them. “He’s a member of Team Temporal, Miss. That should be enough. Although, are you even sure you want to go through with it if you agree? What about the child?”

“It’s really not any concern to us if it dies. It’s up to her, anyway, so let her decide.” A muscular man, probably in his late twenties, rose up from a sitting position, a Tyrouge by his side.

“I’m thinking about it!” The woman said back, pushing her skirt down as a strong gust made its way by.

“Well, make up your mind within the next ten minutes, ‘cuz we don’t really have much time, you know.” Max told her. Although, if he were to be totally honest with himself, he didn’t really want her to come with, either: there was too much risk for the baby.

“Relax,” a calm and creepy voice said, “no matter what decision you make, it will be the right one. Trust your instincts.” The owner of the voice was only a few paces away from Max, so he could see him clearly, though there wasn't much to look at. He was dressed only in rags and had long, dirty, tangled blonde hair. An oddly mellow Gengar stood in the back of him. Behind the pair, Max thought he saw something move. Was it a shadow? He was beginning to become suspicious of the shadows.

Eve moved in between Max’s legs and sat down by his side. “And that decision needs to be made in the next ten minutes, so if you wouldn’t mind?” he said with a little less patience this time.

The woman looked around at the group, letting everything sink in, what she was getting into, mainly. It was very hazardous indeed, but if what the guy said was true, then she had to do something about it. But then again, how was this really plausible, anyway? Where was the evidence?

She took a deep breath, looked straight into Max’s eyes, and gave a smile. “I’ll do it.”

“Really?” Max asked a bit surprised.



The bald guy smiled apologetically. “Sorry, Max. You know the deal.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Max interrupted holding up a hand. “’If either one of us doesn’t go, then neither of us goes.’ It’s okay. Really.”

“And your group is lowered to three people. Not very well-liked, are you, Max?”

He froze. He definitely knew that voice. Yeah, it was definitely him, all right, but there was something off about his voice. It was usually a little cold, but not as cold as what he was hearing now. And he was sensing something more in it. It was how hostile it was. The only other time when he heard that particular trait was when he first met him, along with the others from Team Temporal. There was only one thing running through his mind at the moment.

“… Darkitsu, what are you doing?” he inquired, turning around to a particularly dark section of the forest. What he saw only confirmed his worst suspicions.

Darkitsu was standing in the middle of a group of Rocket Grunts, wearing the same outfit that he had first appeared in, grinning a grin that shone like a spotlight.

“Only what you expect of me, Maxxy,” the traitor replied, opening a fist, making a motion that made it look as if he were throwing a baseball. It also looked like what remaining light in that area was being sucked into that one spot. Max could already tell what was coming. He was already bracing himself, actually.

He yelled, “Move!” Although there was no need to, seeing that everybody knew what was about to happen as well.

There was an explosion somewhere behind Max, shooting him forward, doing a barrel roll. He landed on his head, then his shoulder. Judging from the pain and how he couldn't move it, his shoulder was either dislocated or broken.

He pushed himself up with his functioning arm, looked up, and saw Darkitsu and his poor attempt to hide his grin.

"You son of a b**tch...!" he gasped.

The servant kicked Max so that he was on his back. He hovered his foot over his chest.

"I'm going to enjoy beating the s**t out of you guys."

He was sent directly into Hell for the next few moments.


Attara City Hospital


"Just where do you think you're going!? You still need treatment! Get back here!"

"Get the hell away from me!"

Thwack. Max punched the doctor that was caring for him smack dab in the middle of his face, knocking him over into the next hallway, onto the recently sterilized tiles. Even though he really wasn't in any condition to be walking about, he could still knock somebody out. Though he had to clutch his battered arm after that to try to ward off the pain. The only good news about it was that the shoulder was dislocated. Goody him. He was still tattooed with bruises all over his body.

More doctors came up from behind him, but Eev crouched down into an attack stance, preparing a Shadow Ball. Everybody nearby backed down.

Max staggered out of the hospital and dropped by a tree in the front yard, catching his breath. He wasn't going to get anywhere, not like this. The others were also down for the count. The bald guy had a concussion, the guy with the glasses has some broken ribs and a broken leg, and the pregnant woman... well, she won't have to worry about the child anymore. The muscular man, who he found out was named "Bruno", was temporarily disabled, though he was amazingly already showing some improvement. As per the rag guy, he honestly didn't know what happened to him. He could only hope that he escaped into the forest and nobody touched him. His Gengar was pretty powerful, so it was possible.

"Not just possible, but plausible."

He looked up the tree in surprise and found none other than the creepy rag guy staring at him. Creepy as ever. Max was a little glad to see that he was unscathed, but there were more pressing matters at hand. Max didn't even take into the possibility that he read his mind; all he was concerned about was finding Sepia and Co. to tell him the news. Though even he had to admit that, as he was, getting to the Pokemon League was pretty unrealistic.

Rag guy jumped down and bent down to eye level and said, "If you need a lift to the Pokemon League, then me and my Dragonite would be more than happy to assist you."

Max took the possibility into account this time, but quickly brushed it aside all the same. He was being offered a shortcut to his destination, and he wasn't about to refuse it. He nodded in confirmation.

Creepy guy nodded back and took out a whistle from his makeshift pocket, blowing it. Within a minute said Dragonite fluttered down next to them. It was actually noticeably bigger than other Dragonites, so fitting himself, its master, and his Gengar.

Within the next minute, Max was soaring across the sky, towards Attara Mountain.

The End

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