Gods; Mission: Impossible Armin Ego

AJ could not help giggling at how the red head in the front kept adjusting her shoulders--well, she had the ends of her hair still in a platinum blonde type colour. The rest of her hair was a nice dark rich red. AJ could nearly smell it from here. Given a bit--she probably would be all too willing to at least remove that poor cup sized support. AJ turned his gaze to the drive. Why was he carrying three year old bras? Sly dog--well, I could beat him too it. These KSPs were quite exotic to him. He was mostly wondering how he could perhaps order a crowd of them himself. He had the original. The ProtoKSP right there--calling him out.

First--to break the ice, but what? Wait, that little clown guy is missing, "Uh--Roy... that little guy that dresses in that rather ridiculous out fit is missing. Where is he?"

Roy twitches his eye, "wait--you... you can see him too? Can anybody not see you guys?"

The small protoroy sat on Roy's shoulder with his mouth full of ramen, as usual, "They are psychic--both of them."

Krystal turns around, "wait? You are psychic?"

Roy raises an eyebrow, "you--you did not know?"

"Well--I could not read any thought activity... I just thought they were slow. You cannot blame me."

AJ leans in, "why do you have these antibodies? They only appear when you have some really screwed up issues."

Roy exhales a bit, "well--even discounting the last year, I have had a few rough patches."

AJ sits back putting his hands behind his head, "wow--tough year. Well, I guess you two must be a rather close couple. Having been together for... how long?"

Roy just thinks for a bit, "well--I think we are nearly at the anniversary to when we first met a year ago."

AJ very visibly twitches, "wait--you only met her one year ago... and yet... you have bras in your bag, that are three years old."

Krystal and Roy start to exchange looks back and forth. Evident that somebody had to explain themselves. Krystal sighs, and turns her head to the back seat, "well--I gave them to him to carry three years ago."

Jessie jumps in, "but you only met one year ago..."

Krystal points her finger up, moving her eyes around trying to remember, then dabbing her finger, "uh-- one year for Roy--and about three years, six months, seven days and ten hours for myself."

Jessie just does a "hwun?!" look, while AJ lifts and eyebrow and replies, "you must have one freaky mind there."

Roy interrupts, "We are on our way to fight the gods themselves. Surely a bit of temporal difference between me and my fiancee should not be that big of a thing. Now then--lets move on."

Krystal just gasps out, her hand on her chest. Roy seems to apologise, "sorry--I wanted a better way to propose. In a car trip to what may be our deaths, as a way to get the horn dog in the back seat to quiet down is not the--"

"Yes!" Krystal exclaims, cutting Roy short.

Jessie looks around, "just... just where is that little guy again?"

Then, on top of Roy's shoulder appears the little clown guy. Holding some kind of blade made of red light--and what seems to be a black outfit in garb similar to Hamlet. His right hand had some odd movements--almost piston like--on the back of it. He turned off the light blade which seemed to quickly slide into the hilt making an electronic Doppler noise. "Sorry--my master had me do a mission."

The smaller Krystal on Krystal's shoulder, who she appeared to refer to as Constant, just sat there, "right--of course... you have defected to evil."

The smaller protoRoy just answers, "that would imply he was ever not evil."

Small clown Roy who blinks and is back in his usual outfit, "the... uh.... dark side is teensy bit of a... ooh, what shall we call it? A temptation."

Constant smirks--she had been waiting for this, "I knew you were sweet on me there Luke."

The smaller protoRoy spits out his noodles unable to stifle a laugh, "oh wow--finally, Consy gets in a burn on Ego."

The clown like Ego/Luke just wags his finger trying to figure out how he had been out played. "Dammit Id--I'd just want to have those noodles once. One time, you share with me that delicious bowl of noodles. But--do you ever share it? No. Now would be a good time."

The rather agent one, standing on the dashboard but looking out the side just says, "I dunno there, Ego--maybe you'd have more chance if you ask to eat out of--" he removes his sunglasses, "Constants bowl."

Krystal trying not to be disturbed by this just asks, "do--do you have a ring?"

Roy just pulls it out of his pocket, "I got this about two years ago--apparently. I do not think about it--it gives me even more of a headache than that Jirachi Train creation thing."

The End

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