Gods; Mission: Bra Raid

Roy was listening to the engine and what not purr. This girl was running rather smoothly. Roy almost had to question the luck of it being for sale. Not that it was cheap--it was a very reasonable price. Only a few minor things needed to be fixed while Roy went out for the drive. No idea what Krystal did in S3--but apparently those two were the help she got. Roy turns he attention to see they were playing various road trip games... but... not the normal kid ones.

The station wagon was tuned up--Roy took the time to work on the spark plug timing, fixing the muffler to run quieter--and just a few minor touch ups in the running. Roy thought about adding one of those Titan Co. power systems into this Station Wagon--but that would need to wait. Roy moves his hands over to the stereo system. It had a casette player, AM radio and FM radio. Roy had ran in, and grabbed a few orchestral pieces as well as some choice rhythm and blues tapes. He had one Blues artist tape in right now that he got a tape for surprisingly cheap.

Roy was just thinking over how he might be able to tweak the station wagon's steering to be more responsive--without screwing up the manual transmission. He turns over to Krystal, "you never did an outfit change."

Krystal just flips the collar of a lab jacket, "yes I did."

Roy had realised that now, she was simply wearing a lab jacket over the clothing that she was wearing when she showed up after the Jirachi-7 crashed. Roy taps the steering wheel, "I suppose that is fine. As we are now approaching the city limits and you have had no wardrobe malfunc--"

Krystal screamed out, "bloody daft Giratina buggery!"

Apparently her top from Genty Island had its straps all snap at once, and Krystal was covering herself. Sparks jumps into the back of the Station Wagon and grabs Roy's bag. Opens it up, and brings a top for Krystal. Krystal shoves the lab coat off her arms enough to put on the bra Sparks brought up front. Sparks then jumps to the back and grabs a slightly pink baby doll t-shirt, which Krystal puts over her head before realising, on Sparks next trip, "this... cup size. It is a bit small."

Sparks tilts his head, and starts digging through Roy's bag more, Roy shouts back, "no--uh--Sparks, I can see this is only going to lead to a montage of several bra changes. Besides, Krystal has aged three years since I grabbed those--so, that is probably the main issue. We will just handle that in the next town we are in."

Sparks just tilts his head, only to have Krystal ask, "why did he run back their again?"

Sparks grabs a dress skirt from the bag. Looking cute as he paws at it. Jessie shouts out, "little pervy guy. Just wants to see Krystal change clothes."

AJ nods in agreement, "cannot say I blame the little guy."

Sparks smiles and runs to the front with the skirt. Putting it in Krystal's lap, only to jump into the back seat for attention from Jessie and AJ.

Krystal looks back, then at Roy--moving her shoulders and chest around a bit in discomfort. "I think they may be a bad influence on Sparks."

"Naw, Sparks will be fine."


Sparks was sitting there, just in awe of Jessie and AJ, "<So, that is what this birds and bees things, Kane and Duke mentioned. So good that I have had these two nice and fine men be able to explain it to me. Just why did they have to constantly whisper it to me....>"

Kane--obviously alert to this new set of details walks over, and just looks at Sparks, then at Jessie and AJ, then at Sparks, "<uh--yeah... have fun with that... I... uh... will be here just to--uh... watch how it works to the accuracy of the source material... as these two are clearly an expert on the subject...>"

Sparks smiles and cheers a bit, seems Kane even supported this stuff. Kane was doing a face palm again--Sparks did not know why, but this seemed awesome.

The End

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