Gods; The Mission: The Captain... Hyperion

Roy had managed to get the car to the edge of the city. The roads had ended. Roy really did not know history well enough to know why they never bothered to rebuild these roads after the Second Great War. Though any war where the Pokemon take part in it--roads are generally going to no longer exist. Roy moves over hitting a few switches--which oddly enough were labelled in German. Talk about Authentic Experience.

The hover systems activate--allowing it to go over the grass and some lower shrubs to the Pokemon League. "Hey! What a piece of crap?! This hunk of bolds cannot even fly!"

Krystal turns around, "130 pounds", points at Roy, "165 pounds", points at the tall one, "230 pounds", then the shorter one, "310 pounds--we are about 35 pounds over the flight limit. Not taking into account the Roserade or the Pichu as they have no weight to them. The Starus is flying outside. And for some reason I do not think the laws of physics apply quite the same to Waffles as they do to the rest of us."

"Heh--maybe I will make those laws wear a gimp mask next time I see them. Ha! HA HA! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

This little excursion from behind the back of everybody's mind was met with unified shuddering.

"800 pound flight limit on a station wagon? That is stupid!" the tall one lets out.

Krystal shrugs, "well--this was a model before the Shooting Star Power system that came out of Titan Co.--allowing much more efficient use of power with only minor temporal radiation."


Stoenn was standing next to what was a long hall of Krystal Spectrum Tubes on board the yet unchristened Jirachi Carrier. "Why?!" was all he shouted at his scientists before tapping a Howard Long Tube.

A female scientist whose hair was rather unkempt, glasses on crooked with her lab jacket not on straight answers, "we did not want to have them too confused upon coming too, so we set their training to have them attack in paratrooper form upon awakening."

Stoenn scowls very unhappy, "that would explain why the exit is on the bottom of the Carrier we have outfitted--but I do not like it. We are making human biological weapons. These--these are not people. They are nothing more than soldiers. Why? Why? Miss Kryoleen? Are my scientists just too lazy to do a proper Krystal Spectrum Project end product?"

The scientist Miss Kryoleen merely fidgets, "well--we do still have limited resources. We have ordered pulls that have stripped the mines in Orre. Pokemon populations are dwindling there. We did this to stave this consumption."

The door opens with a slam. An older man, in a rather ridiculous get up over dressed for fifty captains comes in. Beard dyed white--hair shaved into a ridiculous comb over under the hat and dyed a flat peppered colour. Adding a ridiculous look and making it so unquestionably over the top it was the high end of ludicrous litmus tests. He even shaved a small bit by his ears, to make the mutton chops that made up his beard look like tacky add ons. Stoenn was not certain if he should regard this as vane. As he put a fair amount of effort into this look of what would have most people thinking was a lazy and poor cover up for various features of aging.

"Aye! Yes--limited resources. Mr. Spectrum, mighty fine man you are--do you know just how much our hydroponics labs yield? Only enough to put 22% of it into reserves via pickling and other preservation. This is what allows our crews and the Valkyries to eat a good meal. We merely put these in tubes so to keep ship consumption low. A status mode you see? In the case of a battle--and any amount of these KSPs live, well, we will have a reserve of some sort to work with them to only slow down our starvation."

Stoenn just stands their stunned, Miss Kryoleen taps his shoulder, "he gives that speech to anybody who is in these spots on the Jirachi Carrier. It was just lucky that was what we were talking about."

Stoenn just raises his finger to answer, "uh, Captain--"

The Captain gives Stoenn a rather tight bear hug, "join me on deck--we are launching this fine craft!"

"But it has not been christened yet."

The Captain lets off a nice belly laugh, "that is the point, mah boy! I want to have my reputation out live my family name should this ship ever go down. One of the survivors of the Gods turning treacherous and slaughtering Turret City. I now captain the lead ship in the humans' mutiny against the Gods. The ship itself is manned by my own person Daemon Army and a crew of undead--well", Captain shrugs, "not in the realm of living until called for, paratroopers. The icing is that I captain a completely unchristened ship."

Stoenn stands back, "that--that is madness. Sheer suicide!"

The Captain motions to follow him out the door to the bridge for the launch, "Aye--so is a fight with the Gods. But, if Fujitsu can do it. So can I. In for a peso, in for a pound. How is that kid doing?"

Stoenn stands there blinking, "uh--last I heard he was under going a dark spell."

The Captain doing his best showmanship as he goes onto the Unchristened Jirachi Carrier bridge, "ah--well, lets launch this ship. And--I need a cool Captain name. For the ghost stories you see. Something that kids at camp fires can roast marshmellows while talking about. Something timey whimey... Ball Captain? No--that is ridiculous... barely follows any established rules! No... no... Skipper!"

The skipper, a fairly thin and angular man runs up, "Skipper, I am to be called Captain Hyperion. Also--I have some more desire to study the metal workings of this ship and the rates of noise given by the generators. I still am thinking over that backup plan B idea I had while I dreamed of a forest temple a few weeks ago. A girl similar to Krystal wearing ridiculously long sleeves and a cat suit gave this idea to me. Told me it would be the shooting star wish for us all."

The End

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