Gods; Mission: "Lets hear some noise!"

Stoenn was on stage playing the part of MC for the Towen/Rawen Ultimate Pokemon Masters Duel. It was already won, and they were doing what amounts to exhibition matches, "Lets hear some noise!"

Nurse Joy is standing next to Stoenn, wearing what appeared to either be evening wear, or an overly formal version of her uniform meant only for formal events, "that was a fairly witty play by Heather there."

Stoenn shouts out, "Zoroark jumps in to assist Howie Long's Ninetales--working together amazingly!"

Nurse Joy dramaticly points out to Heather's latest move, "looks like Heather is having her Seviper do Glare! With a follow up by her Zangoose doing double hit."

Stoenn turns to face the audience, "truly two partners in each persons team, who by all things considered should not work together--but do so to better their mutual goals! Amazingly symbolic! Let us cheer both of these great like minded individuals on!"

A small noise over Stoenn's ear piece buzzes up, "it is amazingly lucky that both of these decided to do that shtick for their exhibition match."

Stoenn taps his right hip--Nurse Joy takes the cue to lead on the audience in the announcements. Stoenn, trying to not talk--just moving his jaw, throat and thinking of what he is saying, "--you got the match winners profile? We can use them with the Krystal Spectrum project, right?--"

Stoenn's ear piece answers, "Yep, Howard Long, Heather, Thomas Jerry, Private Wilhelm, Jonathan Q. and Stan Smith have all had their profiles taken enough, so that we will be hearing a lot of them for the coming battle."

"-- Thank you, you have done well. How about after you finish up, you take the day off and go celebrate? --"

Stoenn, taps his left hip, "And amazing, Ninetales quick use of Role Play has made Shed Skin remove her paralysis! Brilliant work Howard! This is going to be the most spectacular battle many of us will see in quite some time!"

Nurse Joy moves in, "let us hear some noise! Cheer on your winner! Winner of the champioship! Winner of a date with a Valkery Pilot! And more importantly! THE BEST OF TOWEN AND RAWEN!"

Stoenn steps aside a bit, "remember, we will be going over the closing ceremony where you see the winners in all their glory in two days. We will allow you to send in votes as to who was the crowds favourite via phone. Text 003 for Howard Long, and Text 007 for Heather to 569081"

Nurse Joy steps in, "and to repeat the other favourites again, Thomas Jerry is 001. Johnny Q is 002. Howard Long is 003. Private Wilhelm is 005. Stan smith is 006. And Heather is 007. Send that number for your favourite of the show to 569081!"

Stoenn moves to the front of his stage waving up the crowd to cheer on the match more.

The End

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