Gods; Mission: Rushed Transmission

Krystal walked out of the S3 building--the metallic orb in hand. With her just studying its odd attributes. Sometimes Krystal had the feeling that if she blinked, the orb would code her in a quick silver type goo. Krystal just shook her head. That was just senseless fear.

Krystal was headed out of S3--forgetting completely about having people join her for the fight against God. Jessie and AJ were following her--arguing about what sounded like match ups between Deadpool vs. Batman, or Spiderman vs. Superman, or other silly such stuff.

Roy had drove up to the curb in the Station Wagon, "what is up with Styx?", he said, pointing at Krystal's floating Starmie. Krystal turns to look--

"Styx is evolving!"

Ego and the Ego Real Doll start making their usual "duh! duh!" chant, as Styx starts to grow quite a bit bigger--with a few feelers coming forth from her sides. The jewel started to split into many more smaller jewels--looking much like an insect or arachnids set of eyes. Towering in much larger than before--"Styx has evolved into Starus!"

Roy blinks, "Starus? Isn't that a Towen only form of Staryu evolution?"

Krystal now somewhat distracted from the distracting metal orb, "Rawen really, but they are pretty much the same region."

Krystal pulls out a small Shiny Stone from her pack, "well, looks like I should stop sitting on this little item. Kane, come here."

Kane runs over, her little legs carrying her quickly. Krystal kneels down, to let her touch it. Kane grows somewhat taller--as well as grows out a cape and a face visor. The flower on her head blooms a full white. The flowers on her hands bloomed out more fully to their red and blue colours.

Roy looks over at his monsters, Hypnotoad the Politoad, Waffles the Slowking, Duke the Arcanine, and Sparks the Pichu. "Uh--looks like I am ready for the final fight as well."

Sparks just frowns a bit--then forgets why he was frowning and hugs Roy.

One of Krystal's pokeballs shakes, "<HEY! Do I get an evolution too! Come on guys! You know I am the most powerful... and pretty... one here! Evolve me!>"

Krystal looks around, "well, anybody we hate enough to evolve Nappa here into a Gengar?"

Everybody just shrugs and gets into the car. Krystal looks over at Jessie and AJ--who are also getting into the car, "what are you two doing?"

"We were heading with you."

"Fine... they make decent meat shields."

AJ just smiles, "well, I know I shield my meat. Perhaps maybe I could show you some time?"

Krystal just grabs Roy's arm, as they head off to the Pokemon League.

The End

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