Gods: The Mission: Round Three.

“Well I never.” Lavender had her arms folded as she walked into the next chamber. It was completely black, except for a blinking, rectangular green light.

“Unlike my compatriots,” Came a smug, self-satisfied voice, “I believe in the future. Rowan loves nature, and Birch loves his relics, but I'm looking forward.

His silhouette came into view as the words “The Future” appeared behind him.

“Look, can we cut the light show?” Sepia interruped, stepping forward. Elm smirked and clapped his hands, causing the ground around them to reshape. Large, black towers trimmed with green lights began to litter the room.

“This battle will be a little different.”

“Where did you go?”

“I'm with friends...” Elm's smug voice rang throughout the room as a low growl was heard. The walls appearance shifted to reflect a highly pixelated swamp.

“Everyone get to the gallery!” Lavender called out. “I'll handle this one...” She unclipped three pokeballs from her belt and threw them violently in front of her. Sepia, Wehc and Celadon mounted the gallery quickly, gaining a bird's eye view of the arena.

“Celadon, I think you should do the honours here.” Wehc said, smiling happily.

“Right.” Celadon threw her arms open in front of her, just as Lavender had done. “This is an official League Triple Battle! Lavender Vs Elm! Ready? BEGIN!”

No sooner had Celadon lowered her arms than a Feraligatr burst out from behind a corner, launching a Fury Swipes attack at the first of Lavender's pokemon, Walerin. The hefty creature launched an Ice Ball that froze Feraligatr before it could strike.

“Way to go, Tank!” Lavender said, happily. “Now, Topiary! Hit it with a Razorleaf!”

Lavender's Tropius unleashed a blizzard of leaves that struck the Feraligatr for massive damage. As if to respond, the wall Feraligatr had struck collapsed as a Typhlosion and Meganium barrelled through at full speed.

“Thin 'em out, Fernuss!” She called out, causing her Magmortar to unleash a Lava Plume that carved a hole in a nearby wall, exposing the various electronics that powered it.


“Interesting, isn't it?” Wehc said, curiosity in his voice. “If it weren't for the Tropius, I'd almost say that those were the starter pokemon of a region.”

Celadon raised her head up, confused. “What's a starter pokemon?”

“It's a form of popular charity. Someone notable will adopt a region, generally as a researcher. They then give out Pokemon to a worthy individual – or individuals. The general consensus is that they should give out a water, fire or grass that grows to be quite large. They generally prove to be the most versatile choices for new trainers, with a certain amount of staying power thrown in. You went through that, didn't you Sepia?”

“Yeah. I got my Amoreaf from Professor Fir in Towan. I got his other two Pokemon, Pheochen and Meowide from other places.”

“Isn't your Amoreaf in its first form? I thought it would have evolved by now.”

“It isn't the same one.” Sepia said, curtly. “Anyway, Tropius does evolve. I'm pretty sure those are starters.”

“It does?”

“Yeah!” Celadon said, excitedly, “I've heard about this! They found a colony of pre-evolutions for Tropius in Towan!”

“A-ah.” Wehc stuttered, a little bemused. “I guess that means there's every chance she might have been part of the process.”

“The process?” Sepia asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, right. You'll find out soon enough.” Wehc shrugged his shoulders, leaving Sepia a little cautious.

“What's that supposed to mean?”

“Come on, Sepia. You and I both know I'm not exactly on the level.”

“Then, who are you?”

“All in due time.”




“I know why you've come.”

A young girl and boy in a room with no one else.

“Then help us!”

A young girl and boy speaking to nothing.

“You must make a choice.”

A voice in their heads.

“Richtog Vale or Silph.”

A girl, hesitant.


A boy, worried.

“Can't you help?”

A voice, parental.

“A choice.”

A long past.

“Look, Pallet, I know what you've been through.”

“No one has used that name for a long time.”

“If I side with Richtog, what happens?”

“Without me, the psychics are scattered.”

“With you?”

“They will have a long history.”

“So. Richtog Vale or Silph.”

“Betrayal or Betrayal.”




“Alright everyone. Good job.” Lavender turned to Elm. “Any cryptic words before you disappear?”
“No, I'm good. I think I've got all the data I need.”

“Data?” Sepia's voice called out to him. “What are you talking about?”

“You'll find out.” Elm smirked as the floor gave way. Another disappearing League member.

“I really wish they'd stop doing that.” Celadon said, huffily. “It's getting to be boring.”

The End

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