Gods; Checkpoint: Would you like to save?

Krystal poked her head into the office of Dr. Debbie P. It was an old lady who was pouring through various reports. Dr. Debbie turns to face Krystal, "oh~ hi! Did not expect you here!"

Krystal blinks, the voice was familiar--though she had issues placing it.

"Like you do not recognise me--Daebi." She looked down at her body, "well, I am kind of possessing somebody to puppeteer. Now, I feel a bit irritated."

Krystal's eyes lighted up, "You--you're..?" followed by a bit of horror, "You possessed Perfection didn't you?"

Debbie waves around a pencil, "Well, it IS kind of my rightful body. Do not know what that person was doing wandering around in it--I mean, I am Perfection."

Krystal saw that Debbie was not looking at reports, but working on a crossword puzzle. Krystal scratches her head. Debbie looks up, "it is interesting that one of Rocket Logistics main mistakes was not taking into account your drive to live."

Krystal turns to leave, Debbie shouts after her, "just remember, living does not mean a constant fight. You can live, and not require cloning pods, flat lines, possessing of others bodies or whatever it is that Daegre is doing."

Krystal stops... then continues walking. Before she would have asked about that last one. She just thinks about it, and decides it probably is not going to be important. Not in any time soon.

"Hey--check this out", comes a should from Jessie. Jessie and AJ were watching a small leaf that was somewhat static filled in its appearance. Like something was interfering with its place in reality.

Krystal walks up to it, and the leaf that did looked like a bad television signal, sometimes going black and white--sometimes looking bright orange and blue without any green to speak of blew away.

AJ just turns, "now, that is not something normal. Kind of pretty."

Jessie grimaces, "right--you also say the same thing about channel 78.. before we started to get it."

"Look, I know it was actually 88 that was the Playtrainer Channel--but I know they showed naked women on 78."

"Right... on the Family Movies Channel?"

Another one blows past Krystal's head in that direction. Krystal runs after the stream of static leaves, until she gets to a small pile of static leaves.

AJ and Jessie run after Krystal. AJ making comments about how it is pretty as they are getting a nice image of Krystal's bum--trying, but failing, to keep his voice from being heard by Krystal.

She reaches into the pile, and pulls out a metal orb. Smooth in its appearance and almost feeling a bit like quicksilver even though it could hold its shape.

The End

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