Gods; The Mission: Separation and Reunion

    There are things that take their time to unfold. There are things that come right at you from nowhere. Then there's the unexpected and/ or improbable, where no matter what you do, no matter whether it happens slowly or quick, you wouldn't be able to see it coming.
    "Hi! I'm here to help kill you. Would you like it fast or slow?"
    The improbable was unexpected.
    Darkitsu lay, pinned down to the ground, red and teal tentacles clutching his neck; the air struggled to get to his lungs. Pinning him was an Aspect, a Roy-Deoxys Aspect, to be more specific. His body resembled more of a human's than Deoxys normally would look like, but it was still a quite a way's away from humanity. The main differences amongst that were that he had some hair and a mouth along with a slimmer body.
    "Wh-what do you... want from me...?" Darkitsu barely choked out.
    "What do you think, Fujirai?"
    Another Aspect moved out from behind a nearby tree. The voice was feminine, and so was her body, which was mainly blue with red markings. He hands were more like giant oval flippers with fingers, she had no hair, and her body was almost bare except for some jeans and a bikini top. Most of this was familiar to Darkitsu.
    But most familiar of all was her ability to float.
    "D... Daegre...!" Darkitsu's body went lax. Finally, an old friend, coming to his rescue.... Then his body tensed up more than before, his eyes wide with spontaneous fear. [i]Oh God, it's her![/i] was his first thought.
    He shook his head slowly. "No.... No...." he mouthed, starting to sweat.
    She glared at him and said, "Still a coward, I see? Why am I not surprised. Loosen your grip, Deoy."
    Obediently, the Roy Aspect carried out her command; Darkitsu started gasping immediately. His eyes darted around the area, looking for any possible means of escape. He would have just turned into a shadow and escaped before this could happen, but for some reason he couldn't use any of his powers. He guessed that it had to do with Deoy's own powers.
    He finally tried to put on a cocky and aggressive face and asked, "So how's it been? To be honest I'm surprised that you're still alive. Many of the researchers considered you to be a failure as an Aspect."
    His answer came in the form of a stomp to his groin and a look of contempt from Daegre. Darkitsu bit his lip to keep from yelling in pain and shuddered at her expression.
    "I told you what would happen if you let Fujogre die, Fujirai. Now you must suffer the consequences," she growled. "Besides, you betrayed everybody at the facility-"
    "WHAT!? No, I didn't!" Darkitsu yelled, forgetting his fear for a moment.
    She knelt down and inquired, "Then why are you here, roaming free, working for Logistics?"
    "You know I hate Logisitcs as much as all the other sensible guys do. And I was working on freeing you guys. I've just been preoccupied," came his reply.
    "I don't trust you."
    "You don't trust anybody!"
    Daegre hammer-fisted Darkitsu's face and stood back up. "Talk all you want, but I know that you're a cowardly liar, Fujirai. Intelligence has been brought to me, and I've been told that it's only you occupying that body. Meaning something happened to Fujitsu, and you were too afraid to tell anybody about it because of what you thought would have happened."
    Darkitsu was stunned. "Ho-how did you-"
    "It helps to have... admirers amongst the upperclassmen amongst Rocket's ranks."
    Darkitsu kept silent. He couldn't think of anything to say because what she said was true. At least, the part about Fujitsu.
    "Follow me and drag him with you. Feel free to choke him a bit."
    In response, Deoy smirked and clutched Dark's throat tightly again and pulled him along the ground as he followed Daegre into a building. Darkitsu couldn't tell what the building was used for because the Krystal-Aspect started morphing it the moment she stepped in.
    All of a sudden there was a bright light and Dark couldn't see. When he finally regained his eyesight, he could tell he was dangling in the air, but what caught his attention was what was above him; it was some sort of ray gun. It was powering up, ready to fire at him.
    "Just to make sure that you don't escape from your cell...."
    BZZZZZT! The gun fired at Darkitsu, and he screamed in pain. It felt like he was being torn apart, literally. His eyes were clamped shut from the pain, so he couldn't tell what was actually happening to him, but he really didn't want to know.
    The experience lasted for a minute, and when the pain stopped, he was flung around the room and hit a wall. Some buttons were pressed, and a deep humming sound came from something somewhere in front of him. When he opened his eyes, he saw what: A pearl-colored barrier had been set up as the door to a cell- his cell.
    For a moment, he felt defeated, but then he remembered that he could morph the room to his will. He laughed at the Aspects' idiocy and thought. To his dismay, however, nothing changed. He thought again, hard, but still nothing happened.
    "You're an idiot," Daegre said. "You honestly forgot about my psychic powers? Your thoughts have no effect here. Also, you may want to look at yourself."
    Confused, Darkitsu looked down... and yelled in surprise. His body...
    "It's... it's back to the way it was!" he gasped.
    Looking down at himself, he saw that his skin had returned to its pitch-black color, his fingers were sharp again, he was floating, and his clothes were like a cosplay of Darkrai.
    He stared, astonished, at Daegre. "How...!?"
    "This place can make anything happen," was her reply. "However, to make it WORK, you need to have the right mind and pysonic powers. Which you don't have. Though, admittedly, this might have been a fluke."
    Darkitsu tentatively walked up to the barrier and looked outside. His eyes widened again with surprise at the confirmation to his thoughts. Laying down by the ray gun was Fujitsu's old body, dressed up in the biker clothes Darkitsu was wearing before.
    Daegre walked past the cell. "If you don't mind, we're going to relax for a little bit. Being on the run from Logistics is tiring. Coming, Deoy?"
    Darkitsu didn't even watch as the two Aspects walked out of the room (which didn't change back when she left). He only slumped against the wall of his cell, trying to grasp just what was going on.
Attara City

    "And what would you like to have, sir?"
    Max was seated in a small cafe in the old town, reading a newspaper. He looked up at her.
    "I'm waiting for a friend of mine. I'll order then."
    "So right now, then," came a voice.
    A young man seated himself on the opposite side of where Max was sitting, smiling.
    Max smiled back, then told the waitress, "We'll have two cups of coffee."
    She wrote down the order then hurried on over to the kitchen, leaving the two friends alone.
    "So, boss," said Ronnie quietly, leaning into his chair. "You said you needed some help?" They didn't need to worry about being overheard, though; The place was practically empty, and they were sitting at a corner table.
    "Yeah, I'll need some weapons. And do you know some strong trainers?" Max asked.
    "A couple, yeah. Why?"
    Max only gave Ronnie a grave look.
    "... you're in deep s**t, aren't you?"
    "The whole world's in deep s**t if we can't get any help."

The End

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