Gods: The Mission: Round Two.

A sea of relics. Ancient as the world, rarer than originality. These were the objects encircling Birch as Sepia entered the room. Birch looked smug. Content. Punchable. He struck the ground as Sepia's fist met his face with violence.


“S... Sepia, man... I don't think we've even met, and yet...”

Sepia wrenched the League Executive from his slumped position and shook him violently.

“NO MORE GAMES.” Sepia's forehead struck Birch's with vigor, causing the latter to shout out in pain. “WHERE IS IT?”

“Sepia...” Wehc said, placing a hand on his shoulder. “I think you should sit this one out.” He smiled, adjusting his hat. “I have unfinished business with this man.”

“Oh, well, if it isn't an old friend. How's the wound?” Birch said, smug. “Healed up okay?”

“I think so.” Wehc stepped forward, unbuttoning his jacket. He pulled it open, displaying clearly to Birch something that Sepia could not see – the wound, probably. Wehc buttoned himself up again as Birch stepped back, staggered.

“Arcedamn it, man. That's messed up.” Birch shrugged and removed three Pokeballs from his belt. “I guess it's you against me, then?” He tossed them casually in front of him, allowing them to explode into the forms of Swampert, Blazekin and Sceptile.

“Three as well, huh?” Wehc shrugged. “I've only got two.” He tossed out the balls for Aipom and Mareep. “This might be tricky.” He turned to face the source of a low growling noise. It was Lavender's Fearow.

“Consider it a token of goodwill.” Lavender smiled and waved Sepia towards the room's gallery.

“So, this should be fun.” Birch smiled as his pokemon began to stalk the ruins around him. “Does he even know who you really are?”

Wehc smiled, tipping his hat. “He will, in time.”

“This is an official Pokemon League Battle! Three-On-Three, Victor proceeds onwards! Wehc Versus Birch! READY? FIGHT!”




“I'm not happy with this.”

A young woman in a uniform was walking down a hallway.

“Neither am I... And y-y-you're the one that got us int-t-to this.”

A young main, out of uniform, walked alongside her.

“Isn't this it?”


A young couple slipping into a room.

“This is where they perform the operations.”

A young man walking along a counter laden with medical objects.

“What did they put in you?”

A young man looking at his feet.



A young woman, sitting down on the ground, leaning against a wall.

Patting the ground beside her.

A young man sitting next to her.

“Why you?”

“I was meant to be special.”



A young woman sighing.

“I can't believe they do this.”

“Natural psychics are rare. T-there's a girl who had it done last year. One year old.”

A girl, looking away.

“Shipped her b-back to Saffron City when it was done.”

“I'm sorry.”

“Don't be.”

A young man standing.

“I made my c-ch-choice to leave.”

A young man grabbing the tools he needs.

“I stand by it.”




“A narrow victory.” Birch shrugged, recalling his final fallen pokemon, Blazekin. Wehc similarly recalled his newly evolved Ambipom.

“Yes, it was.”

Birch smirked a little. “Don't panic, Sepia. What you're looking for is with our boss. You think you can make it?”

“Of course I can.” Sepia called down, calm. Measured. “Definitely if I have people like Wehc fighting for me.”

“Always hiding, huh?” Birch said, one last smirk as his trapdoor opened.

“On we go, huh?” Celadon sighed. “You guys are boring.”

Lavender rolled her eyes as they descended from the gallery.

The End

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