Gods: Mission: Looking for Group

Krystal walked into the front of S3. Constant had jumped off a bit only to return with what looked like a Real Doll of Roy's Ego. "Not asking... we all have our urges... you are welcome to them."

Constant looked puzzled.

The receptionist, who was out for a bit steps back to the front desk. Krystal tilted her head. They used the Krystal Spectrum Project to make a receptionist. Seemed a bit of an excess. The receptionist starts, "uh, do you have an appointment"... she turns her head up.

"Spectrum... Miss Spectrum.. though I suspect it will be Mrs. MacKealan soon."


Jessie was walking and pushing the mail cart. He hated it. He really did. His flab seemed to bounce a bit along his legs and muffin top over his pants. Normally it did not distract him--but in the uniform he had to wear--as this was his fifth job after being fired due to his friend, AJ's incompetence a few times now, had to make due.

Jessie walked past Mail Sorting Room B only to see a pair of panties on the door knob. Jessie looks around, "Oh dear merciful crap--if AJ gets me fired, once again..."

Jessie, trying to remain his composure--how many jobs had it been? AJ was getting a bit of tail from the receptionist. The red hair was nice. Jessie did not understand why so many of these Projects Girls seemed to levitate. That seemed a bit much in his mind.

Jessie raps his fist on the door loudly, "AAAY JJJAY! YOU RETARD! I KNOW YOU ARE IN THERE!"

Jessie could hear what sounded like muffled moaning in the voice of the receptionist. Something about "ignore them", in AJ's voice.

"Oh--no... no... he is NOT getting me fired again. I have this semester off to work. Specifically to cover tuition fees."

Jessie straightens up his uniform and body checks the door open. It popped like it was not even locked. Jessie found a bucket of water land on his head. Lifting up a rim, he looks to see AJ had left a tape recorder--looping that message.

"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! See! Told you the receptionist was the most brilliant piece of arse I had ever seen!" AJ clapped his hands, as he walked up behind Jessie.

Jessie slowly turns, putting the bucket down--he would be mopping this up. First he had an lanky tall room mate in a just slightly poor cut uniform that he was going to need to notify next of kin about. AJ backed up, motioning to settle, "it was not my idea. If it were up to me, I'd be banging Kelly in there. She suggested this would be better... even donating her underwear."

Jessie picks up the under wear off the door knob, and hands them to the floating red head who had joined them, "I believe these are yours--good joke."


Krystal did not get it--she mentioned talking about getting support for her in well... she needed trainers. The receptionist started giggling. Like the greatest idea just walked in. She mentioned heading to the R&D offices, with a rather suspect short cut through the mail room.

She was confronted by two men--a average height overweight one... and a tall lanky man. The overweight one had grabbed a pair of panties from the doorknob, and handing them to her, sheepishly saying, "I believe these are yours--good joke."

The Ego Real Doll starts laughing its head off. Krystal replies, "I believe you are mistake--those may have been Kelly's thong panties... uh, I am Miss Krystal Spectrum. I was told this would be a short cut to a place that I can talk to a few scientists that could help me?"

The Lanky one replies, "so, that is what little Kochanski will look like when she gets older."

Krystal ran over in her head, "Kochan... chanski... kochanski...", not really ringing any bells for her.

The over weight one replied, "How about we escort you Miss Spectrum... I am Jessie, and my friend there is AJ. It is not often people say they have helped both of Private Spectrum's fine Red Headed Daughters. Quite the manly man. You look like you are nearly nineteen... the other looks about six. That is well--quite decent."

Krystal runs over in her head what they are talking about. She will need to phone Daddy once she next can.

Krystal notices a leaf blowing. It was like a static television signal. Or a hologram that was fizzling and dying. It blew into a cubicle marked "Dr. Debbie P." Curiousity over took Krystal, she poke her head into the cubicle for a brief second.

The End

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