Gods: The Mission: Eyes of the Beast

Constant perked up suddenly as a strange sensation swept over her.

You know, I all of a sudden sense a presence I haven't felt since...Hold on...I need to take care of something.

Snapping her fingers, Constant "blinked" to Roy's shoulder. Roy, where's Ego?

"Something about the Portuguese..."

Hm...oh, wait...didn't think he'd actually go through with THAT.

"Wait...what now?"

Look, nevermind. When he gets back, tell him I need a favor...regarding that 'thing' we discussed a while back.

"You two discussed something?"

He'll know what it is. ...Hopefully. Honestly, there's no telling with that clown.

Behind Constant was the sound of a small foot tapping.

...I love you too, Consie.

Constant sighed, holding her forehead for a moment before turning to face Ego.

Ego, can I speak to you in private?

But, I thought we promised to never keep secrets from the children? protested Ego, nodding his head toward Roy.

...Ego. Just duplicate yourself and send the copy along with me.

"Why do you need him to duplicate himself?"

...This is what I was talking about. You'll see in little while.

Ego, who had formed a devilish grin on his face, simply blurted out, Oh, you want to use it like a psychic walkie-talkie. Clever.

Constant was silent for a moment.

Yes, Ego. I'm going to use your copy as a psychic walkie-talkie. Thanks for ruining the surprise.

No problem.

Oh, by the way, I know what you did in Portugal, glared Constant.

...Wait...don't tell me you remembered my plans... Ego grinned.

Constant nodded, a smile forming on her face. Happy First Polymorphed Portugal Day!

Ah, such a ring to it. Oh, by the way, you want that copy now?

If it's not too much trouble...

Done... Ego said with a snap of his fingers, creating an almost exact copy of himself...with slightly whiter teeth (As if anyone would really notice that).

Well, I thank you for carrying out my favor, Oh Great Clowny One.

...It's Lord Pumpernickle Loaf, and don't forget it.

Constant shook her head, uttering a small 'whatever' under her breath as she took the copy with her as she blinked back to Krystal's shoulder.

Ego, turning to a psychic manifestation of Waffles...with a top hat, kneels down.

How was that...my master?

The End

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