Gods; Mission: Lay the Pieces Down

Krystal turned to find Roy had appeared behind her. She had dialed in a spot on the out skirts of Rabatta Town. No need to startle people by having two people appear out of no where. Roy sits down, and comments, "I hope we are not going to walk all over the city".

Krystal still floating scratches her head for a bit--having floated here from Kanto over the course of a year she had gotten rather fit enough that doing this really did not bother her. Even though it was hard for her at first--and she was not in anyway interested in dolphin free tuna--those orcas could die in a fire for her liking. "Is there an alternate transport you can think of?"

Roy stands up--brushing off his lap, "well, my stationwagon had to sold because I could not keep up with insurance. However, I enjoyed driving around in that."

Krystal pulls out her P*DA and checks on her funds. She did make enough on her freelance work and for the royalties on her previous inventions. Maybe she could--her jaw drops. Roy noticing something up asks, "what did you see on your P*DA?"

Krystal turns the P*DA for Roy to see, "My--my... my Daemon Balls have brought in a large amount of funds into my account. I--I... I do not get it."

"Well--we are still having issues with the Pokeballs, correct? Making it so that there has not been any pokemon captured for a while, right? This means there are no new trainers appearing--making trainers a little bit rare. The Daemon Balls appear to be becoming a form of self defense item to deal with the greater population of Pokemon than Pokemon trainers."

Roy walks a bit down a street, "oh--yeah... thanks Logic, there was a car for sale here."

Krystal floats down after Roy, notes the number in the window, pulls out her P*DA and hits the phone feature. Seems it was developed to a stable level now.


Roy moves to his hand over his Pokeballs, "hey--you guys have been cooped up in there too long."

Roy releases Sparks and Duke--but pauses on both Hypnotoad and Waffles. Waffles decides to come out of his own accord anyways. Even Roy felt a shiver up his back that time.

Krystal was talking back and forth on the phone over the car Roy was sitting on the fender of. Roy decided to open the bonnet of the car--after getting Krystal to make certain it was okay. Roy found that not only was everything in place wonderfully here--this was also one of the cars rigged with some flying capabilities. The car just needed a bit of a minor tune up--which Roy was itching to do.

Krystal appeared to have to gotten the car purchased. She was going to haggle--but she looked over at Roy who just could not contain his impressed state. She seemed like she did not feel right not paying at least what was being asked for.

She hits another number--Roy did not catch it. He then slides underneath the car to see what he needs to do there. Then slides out. Krystal had a pokeball materialise into her hand. Which opens up to some light before crackling to dust. A Titan Co. Company license plate was in her hand.

Krystal hands the plate to Roy, who puts it onto the car. "All set?"

Krystal hits the P*DA to the car door and it opens. Then hits a few buttons and a program is sent to Roy's P*DA. Krystal, Roy and Pichu jump into the Station Wagon. Roy turns to the Arcanine who also tries to walk in, "Duke, when was the last time you went for a really good run?"

Roy had not seen Duke smile so large from ear to ear before. Roy patted Duke's head a bit. A voice coming out of nowhere says, "I will be on the roof."

Before a teleport puts Waffles on the roof of the car.


Krystal sitting next to Roy figures that she may as well open her own Pokeballs to let her Pokemon out. "Come out, Kane, Styx and Collaborator!"

"<Hey! What about me!>" came noises from the one she left closed.

Constant appeared on Krystal's shoulder, "shut the hell up Nappa!"


Krystal steps out from the Station Wagon that brought her to the main S3 building. Kane, Styx and Collaborator all jump out next to her. She turns to see Duke on a building nearby,  Waffles still on the roof--like some kind of scary genie, with Roy and Pichu still inside. "Krystal you go on--it has been too long since I have gone on a good solid drive. I need to get it out of my system."

Krystal nods, "okay--just do not go all Runaway Five on me. We do not need a huge car chase happening."

Krystal turned to walk into the S3 headquarters, when Stoenn phoned in on her, to check up.


Lady Kiss looked at a few more cracks running all in a weird spider web of images to monitor the world in her pocket dimension. Jezi--Mae Lee cuddling into her. Lady Kiss was not certain if it distracting or comforting. Lady Kiss went over her suit to make certain it was all in order. It was black in colour--lined with what appeared to be golden seams. Lady Kiss shook her head--she was having issues not conjuring up a flaming halo for herself. As much of a shows person she is a flaming halo tends to be a bit over doing it. She turned her attention to her forehead. She motions the symbol for Bonji in between her eyebrows--with it appearing to stay there.

"Now then Mae Lee--remember the game of chess?"

"Yes, milady. What of it?"

"Well, in the game--there is a section of the board that is the most powerful to control. In playing the game, you should go for it. I think it is nearly time, I took the center of the board here. Become a powerful force to make it all right again. I will need to take over the Conduit completely."

"Right, milady."

"The piece I need is right near by. I must send him a gift. Or at least some kind of messenger."

Lady Kiss puts Echidna the Seviper's Pokeball into Mae Lee's hands. "Put your hand through a crack nearby Hari to put this onto his person. Echidna is holding an item that will be very useful to me."

Mae Lee did what was asked, "right away, milady."

Lady Kiss smiles, "go Echidna, grab me my immortality."

The End

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