Gods; Mission: The Past, Lies, and Bad Acting

    Darkitsu and Max left a couple of hours after the others so as to let the former regain all of his strength before setting out, in the case that of an emergency. They didn’t really commute with each other all too much; Max wasn’t particularly fond of Fujitsu to begin with, and even less so than Darkitsu. Darkitsu didn’t mind Max, but was always wary around him. He may have been an Aspect with a violent and dark nature, but he had a history with gangs and leading them. As a result, they didn’t really speak with each other, but still communicated nonetheless.
    “Alright, that everything?” Darkitsu asked Max. They had gotten up at four-thirty in the morning so that they could pack and try to make up for lost time. Darkitsu had been searching for useful items throughout the town, stealing what could help from the houses and stores. He had no idea where Fujitsu’s trunk was.
    He searched everything over. “You made sure to bring a pair of walkie-talkies?”
    Darkitsu grabbed two from the closet and tossed them in with their separate piles, answering Max’s question.
    They both organized their own separate bags silently for about five minutes. They didn’t need to bring a whole lot; just some food, light/ light starters, duct tape, etc., considering that they were going to populated areas that could easily provide more of what they need.
    When they were done, Darkitsu decided it was time to act like Fujitsu again. “Awraitz! Now that we are packed, LETZZA-”
    “Shut the hell up.”
    Darkitsu froze with a big happy smile on his face, then stared at Max, his features falling a bit. He could tell he knew something.
    Max was sitting on the bed, glaring at Darkitsu. After a few seconds he opened his mouth to say, “Don’t bother with your Fujitsu act; you aren’t fooling me, nor were you fooling Wehc or Sepia. We all know something’s happened to him.”
    Crap, he knew.
    Darkitsu’s expression switched to surprise with fear standing out with in it. His body was tensing up. He could only await Max’s next words, nothing else.
    Max waited a few seconds, waiting for Darkitsu’s response, and when it was clear that he wasn’t getting it, he continued. “It was pretty obvious that you were taking control of the body for a while, that and your acting was too spaced out. There’s no way that Fujitsu would have gone so long without uttering a single word. You’re also not that good at acting like him.”
    The Aspect was at a loss for words. He just kept gaping at Max. Finally he regained himself a bit and closed it.
    Max went on. “I don’t know why the others couldn’t see through this, but Wehc gave me and Sepia all the info that he had. So did you get tired of Fujitsu being so weak and snuff him out or-”
    Darkitsu interrupted him, flaring up at once. “Don’t you DARE say that! And even if you wanted to know what happened and why I was keeping it a secret, I’m not opening myself up to you!”
“Then where’s the proof that you didn’t do anything!?” Max yelled back, heating up. “How do we know you’re really on our side? I bet you just want power, probably trampled on the other Aspects to be accepted by Rocket!”
    They bother paused for a second, leaving an uncomfortable silence. Then Darkitsu gave Max a significantly dark look and growled, “Say that again. I dare you.” The atmosphere changed completely. It seemed to be a more subtle version of the atmosphere that was hanging around when he was talking to Giovanni.
    Max stepped down. He knew where this was going. This was going to somewhere in his past, in the labs where he was created. By feeling the atmosphere and looking at Darkitsu’s expression, he could tell that a lot of his sudden assumptions were wrong.
    Strange how he could suddenly do that.
    Darkitsu just snatched his bag and left the room saying, “You can go to Attara for all I care. See ya!”
    Max hesitated. He knew that Sepia would get mad if he found out that they separated, and he was sorta their leader, but he also knew some of the powers that Darkitsu had. That day in the slums when asked for some company with him to the city, he and Max discussed the matter. He knew he could turn into and merge with the shadows. Darkitsu also had that dimension that he could disappear into. He had no hope of catching him.
    Then he thought for a second. Sepia suggested that Fujitsu should go to Miasma. Why did he say that? Was there something there in terms of all of this nonsense? Was it a place he could practice something? What was it?
    He decided to shrug it off. Whatever it was, Sepia knew what he was doing and it would probably make everything easier.
    Making note of this, he grabbed his back, swung it over his shoulder, and walked out of the room, his destination: Attara.

The End

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